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  1. It doesn't matter until we have a line that can block. Our RBs are talented enough. Bring someone up and fix the line (although we can't right now).
  2. I don't need to be woken up... I've always been behind this franchise. Both rainy days and sunny. I don't care how much these folks moan and cry. I've watched enough football to know things don't always go smoothly, but I still like the foundation of this franchise. Starting with Blank and trickling downward.
  3. The only "shocker" about this season is the defense being "that bad". I expected them to take some lumps while the new system takes shape, but this was unexpected. The only other thing is the dropped passes. Losing 5 starting OL for the season, and even Justin for a few games has hurt this offense badly. Of course the running game is gonna suffer, and mad pressure will leak through. If someone can't comprehend that... there's no hope in convincing them. The fact that Dirk keeps forcing screens to Julio doesn't help, although I kind of understand why he does it. THE PLAYERS AREN'T EXECUTING! Th
  4. Well there you go... Every relevant Falcon has been officially blamed on this message board. Seems legit.
  5. I have a feeling that Atlanta plays with reckless abandon in this Ravens game, and wins a close one. If for some reason they don't I'll finally believe we are a sub-par team. (That is for an injury ridden team)
  6. Sorry guys... I'm gonna stick around. I can't predict the future, but I've watched enough NFL games to know sh!t happens. I'm still proud of the strides this franchise has made since 2008. Maybe a change is needed... maybe not, but I'm gonna be there to see it happen when I can. I know Smith and Dimi catch a lot of hate around here, but the fact is they came in and turned our misery around in the blink of an eye. Just like any NFL team there can be a mishap or poor planning that causes a slump, but to just give up on a team that has had a taste of success isn't in my near future. Maybe I'm wro
  7. I don't make it a habit to overreact, (watched a lot of NFL over the years) but that loss to the Vikings gave me a bad feeling. I appreciate you reminding me that we are still in the mix, but it just feels like we were still getting manhandled in the trenches before the injuries... and now? The best teams most always have a great line, especially the O-line, and I just can't shake this bad feeling even though I already expected the off season changes would take time to gel.This is different.
  8. Go get him signed. I don't care about the red flag at this point. 2 lineman down for the year and I have no patience with what's to come if we don't attempt to find some quality play.
  9. OP nice post and no one here truly knows the in depth reason (although the same people pretend to over and over). On the surface however, our d line is still getting blown off the ball. Maybe a strength issue, technique issue, gameplan issue, willpower issue, or a combo of each. We don't stop the run up front enough an we still get no pressure. That I can see clearly... but no clue about the root of the cause. The rest (while not perfect) seem to be part of a domino effect imho.
  10. William Moore is a **** good safety. **** the amateur hour sarcasm or anyone that disagrees. Flame all you want... It will never phase me.
  11. Did we just get a premium feature on NFL.com... or for that matter anywhere? O_O I guess 56 points can move mountains...
  12. Bu bu but... we traded away so many picks that would have instantly made us world beaters for him. /purple
  13. I learn something new everyday. Thanks.
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