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Bob Ðigital

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  1. *favorite posters (god I need to stop posting when I'm tired. O_o

  2. I think we butted heads once a week or so ago, but since then you have become one of my posters as far as your views. It's funny how reality works sometimes... lol

  3. Man your a trip, but you usually make sense.

  4. Get your kitten an eye patch . . . FTW! ^_^v

  5. Everything that you've posted so far makes great sense. We need more members like you man.

  6. I'm looking forward to it, there's nothing better than seeing two quality teams go head to head.

  7. I just saw your comment from WAAAAAY back... lol What's up right back at you! XD

  8. This season is gonna be wild, but fun to watch when between our 2 teams.

  9. Being an Atlanta Falcon runs in my blood. ;)

  10. Oh my... Yowza! I have to ask though... being from NY what made you become a fan of the Falcons?

  11. Blank For President

  12. I'm sure it was you that gave me my very 1st Rep. point... Thank you sir...

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