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  1. If they still use the heart system it's very easy to figure out what your heart value is....just plain out ask them....how many hearts do I have on my account. We had no rule stating we couldn't tell customers what their heart value system was but again this was before At&t bought it (about 5 years ago). To go into a little more detail on the heart system there were many factors that changed your heart value. Brand new customers had 0 hearts because they got the best discounts for being a new customer. Late on your bill or always behind will make your heart value drop Have the bear minimum on the account a standard receiver and no HD no dvr and the base package? Well you might have a few hearts but I had personally never seen someone with 5 hearts who had the bare minimum. The great thing working there was by far the free directv. I literally got every sports package, every premium channel and hddvr for every room up to 3 for free. The pay wasn't bad either because of the crazy bonuses you could earn. They gave attendance bonuses just for showing up to work on time, every time someone called in and didnt cancel you got a performance bonus (and yes that includes if you called in just asking a simple question like how much you bill was). They did raffles literally every day...the closest thing I can think of that really paints the picture of what it was like is the office scenes in wolf of wall street lol. We were contracted to a 3rd party called convergys, mine was based in Chattanooga.
  2. Use to work for directv. Not sure if it's the same now that At&t bought them but ask for the customer retention department. They use to value their customers with a "heart" system. 5 hearts was the max and ment we could pretty much give you anything you wanted up to a $500 value, being free Sunday ticket, discounts on your bill, new equipment, etc. Sometimes it does require a renewal on contract for these deals. Like the sunday ticket for free use to be a 12 month renewal, new equipment was a 24 month contract. Also if you call in asking for discounts 24/7 your hearts would go down to 0 but definitely worth calling in, threatening to cancel once a year.
  3. Ditto. Can someone explain?
  4. Also doing underwear modeling doesn't help the pass rush XD or atleast to my knowledge.
  5. I see what you did there. Fling and gagging, heard lol.
  6. Doesn't matter, we lost.
  7. This is hilarious! Great video, wilson tripping part got me dying laughing.
  8. What was the green Bay wide receiver doing in thay play? He just kept running like he either didn't know where the ball was going or he was imagining he caught it and was going for the TD.
  9. Dad use to work with jessie tuggles aunt, got to meet tuggles a few times growing up. He always smiled and is super friendly