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  1. Denver scoring at will and they have 7 pts......I'm confused
  2. I'm reserving judgment until mid-season but it doesn't look good but isn't this how everyone felt about Shannahan his first year?
  3. Well since you're on the Saints bandwagon, dust off your Drew Brees jersey and and bounce back to the whodat message board
  4. He's annoying and he still has a man crush on Mark Sanchez.....I'm sooooo glad he didn't become our HC.
  5. After a heartbreaking season opener, our boys put it behind them and went out on the road to beat an okay team in a hostile environment. Even after the Raiders took momentum on numerous occasions, we didn't fold. We have a long way to where we need to be, and we made many mistakes but in the end, we overcame and WON. So just for a few minutes PLEASE stop pointing fingers and talking trash about the defense, Matt, Shannahan, Quinn,TD...Blank.....whoever , and just appreciate the win and the effort that they put in to not lay a Falcon egg on the dirt trap of a field in LA. We're all 1 and 1 in the Division...... #riseup mutha#%%#^%^&S
  6. THan Not bragging and thank goodness he didn't...But just 4 days ago I saw people still upset that we didn't hire him...
  7. It won't be long before he's a DC or watching games from home. He's never had a good offense and a couple years with good defenses doesn't make you a good head coach, IMO. The Jets opened more holes on the D than a prostitute parade on Stewart Ave....He has proven to be a failure as a HC in my book and I'm glad we don't have that circus clown here.
  8. So you agree with a comment that makes sense, but still bash Ryan after a 300+ yard game because of a few behind the receiver throws? I'm not buying it....You've had hate for Ryan before this game.
  9. Then stay with the hot hand....but it had nothing to do with Coleman running any better than Freeman...Freeman got swallowed up in the back field multiple times. If Kyle wold have given Freeman a change to get into a rhythm, he would have done much better. 19 run plays between two RBs will not win games.
  10. Yeah and end up on the outside looking in...Players don't do that, it becomes a distraction in the locker room. Not worth it....Kyle has a pro bowl running back and gives him the ball 11 times...and his speedster the ball 8 times...That's great play calling?
  11. News articles from Vaughn McClure? Give him time...He may still be in traffic...Player quotes questioning Kyle?...seriously, what player really wants to throw his OC under the bus, whether they like him or not?
  12. Can someone please let me know WTF is going on with the run game. We run the ball a total 19 times for a whopping 44 yards with a beast of a first string RB and a speedster. Its it the blocking, the scheme, or this running by committee style of Shannahan play calling that won't give Freeman a chance to build a momentum and get into rhythm?
  13. It definitely caught us by surprise. We told her husband what happened and showed told him where she was..Probably heat exhaustion....We gave her some water and tried to cool her down as she came to. I won't forget this Friday Night Lights for while.
  14. The walk from where I had to park and the wait to get in was way too long. After finally finding a seat, a woman in front of me passed out in my lap. EMT came at checked her out...Hope she's okay.
  15. What you fail to realize is that, even thought the defense has improved THIS year, the play calling and O-line skill has drastically deteriorated especially at center.
  16. Tony was selfish and classless. He shouldn't be able to join the team during the playoffs if he didn't contribute during that season.
  17. I approve this message. https://www.change.org/p/arthur-blank-fire-kyle-shanahan?recruiter=14427736&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=des-lg-share_petition-reason_msg&fb_ref=Default
  18. I'm tired of watching Shannahans sputtering offense along with our weak offensive line play....We could plug any QB in this league into this offense and we would FAIL.
  19. And our offense still sucks against a second string defense....GTFOH with that bench Ryan nonsense.
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