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  1. My roommate is from Lousy-ana, she got pissed and left my room. This past summer when I got the Sports Illustrated magazine cover that read "DARK HORSE FALCONS," she wanted to get happy. I LITERALLY TOLD HER TO SHUT UP!
  2. I'm totally ready for Matty Ice to ignore Mularkey & take over a complete game.
  3. If we play the Eagles, there's gonna be a riot whether Vick wins or loses! Think about it Either the "Heroic Icon" came back and conquered whitey or he was robbed of his throne.
  4. If the Eagles come to the Georgia Dome there will be RIOTS in the streets of Atlanta. No matter if VICK wins or loses. Think about it. You heard it here first.
  5. All I can say is that it's a melanin thing, so either you wouldn't understand or you're just a racist. (Sarcasm ON) Anybody wearing a Red #7 jersey in this town should be arrested for disturbing the peace, inciting a riot, and illegal contraband, YA FEEL ME!!!
  6. Drunken Mess is the problem. If you could somehow convince him to be less of a d-bag ( in every thread), and more like yourself then your topic would get a lot of play. We're just giving Drunken Duche the biznis at every chance. St. Anger needs to be eating crow in every thread for 3 days after that loss to Baltimore. That way he'll be accustomed to the taste by Monday around midnight.
  7. I'm not familiar with the roof's history, but the fact that it was engineered without some type of prevention is laughable. I mean an unsupported air mattress with no snowmelting/drainage capability in that part of country is just ********. Maybe they will replace it with one that doesn't camouflage baseballs. The outfielders have disliked that "dome" for a long time.
  8. The guy did nothing wrong. He stood (in a coached formation with the other assistants) behind the white buffer zone. He leaned to his left because he is entitled to his own personal space. He did not stick his foot out, He leaned sideways. If the gunner on that play can't get downfield without delivering his own glancing blow to the coaching staff, he needs to hang it up. I see situations everyday where some selfish fucc acts like he owns the planet and causes a major inconvenience. Ever see a group at the mall walking seven abreast! More people should stand up for themselves and say enough is
  9. Someone posted a while back that Grimes and Dunta need to switch contracts. I couldn't agree more. Grimes is like a Denzel Washington in "Man on Fire." He takes down every MF'er that tries to test him. Dunta makes me sick. He plays 8 yards off the line OR MORE all game every game. He misses routine tackles on WRs all the time. He must lead the league in YAC allowed, no chit. He is causing the safety pull up, so then they both look stupid. At least Crisp Houston could keep things in front of him. The only thing he IS doing coverage-wise, is eliminating deep throws along the sideline.
  10. I love the way he tricks QBs to throw over his head when the receiver is 5 yards past him along the sidelines. It's like something Deion would do. "Throw it! Come on, I dare ya! If Grimey can figure out how to handle those end zone fade routes, he could get mentioned along with Darelle Revis.
  11. Frank Gifford got choked up at the end of the interview at halftime Monday night. I'm too young to have watched MNF when Dandy Don was doing his thing. I would bet that fans of "America's Team" relished the fact that a good ole boy was representin' in the broadcast booth. On the other hand, my best friend (who has 20 years on me) is a Pittsburgh native. Even he laughs with fond memories every time he would mention Meridith.
  12. GA 400 SOUTH at 7pm was jam-packed with cars. I don't go that way at that time, so tell me if that's just routine. I thought it was Falcon Fans/Baltimore transplants making me late for a date. Yea or Nay?
  13. Like I said in another thread, these boys are the Fibrillating Falcons. No sleep after a close win like this, messin' up my flow.
  14. Deion passed the torch to Matt by saying that the GA Dome was his house now. He mentioned the next Falcon Stadium would be too. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have arrived Falcons Fans, we are RELEVANT!
  15. You've heard of the Cardiac Cats, well I'm callin' this team the Fibrillating Falcons.
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