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  1. Too many what ifs. We have a very very small chance of getting in the playoffs, but as of now, that is very unlikely. Team needs to show more consistency.
  2. Not happening and he is not needed. Also Smith just signed an extension in March. https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/falcons-agree-to-terms-with-keith-smith-on-three-year-extension
  3. Lol... he said you can throw him in at CB. He'll be able to play deep 3rds but can't press nobody I like this guy! Hope he will develops into a playmaker, year 1.
  4. Ehhh... The gradient numbers look better than the gradient jersey imo.
  5. Now I can get down with this. The black/white and white/black combo is fire!
  6. Ehhh... The White looks good. Of course the throwback is great. The red and black is a TBD for me. Idk dog lol.
  7. Not surprising.. If something was going to happen, it would of happened around the bye week. The next moves fans won't like next, are the Falcons keeping Campbell (maybe even Vic) and letting Hoop go in FA.
  8. Probably 49ers and Ravens. I normally root for the Chargers in the AFC but they don't look good either.
  9. I want the shirt... can't find it online
  10. Not expecting much from Duke. Hope he proves me wrong. Really want to see what Ra'Shede Hageman can do.
  11. Good! He was going to be cut anyway. He had potential but he has never showed up during any game. Only wish it wasn't the Patriots. Now please get rid of Harlow too!
  12. The OP is the GOAT! Now I'm even more excited for this game.
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