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  1. It is, if it isn’t, I need my money back for lunch, @Americus_dawg
  2. Joseph would count against this class. Newman does as well since he enrolled early. We petitioned the NCAA to get back the initial counter on Joseph and used it on DRob. If academics are squared away he has elite measurables. On Bama, McKinnley isn’t a slam dunk. A&M getting the last OV this weekend and are in the race. Ed O went inhome this week as well. Even if they get him, their class has casualties coming. Jayson Jones, Burroughs, Dameion George (Was Evan cootieship) and Javon Baker. At least 2 of the 4 likely not in their class. Perhaps all 4. If Baker doesn’t sign and any of th
  3. His name is Judd, seriously. Imagine his students troll him often with that name. On another note, Evans said last night in IG, that he has made a decision....
  4. What is up with your OL? Weismann and Kendrick thinking about leaving and now Crowder? Debord giving them hard knocks?
  5. VF, who in your opinion is going to grayshirt/blueshirt for TN in your class to make room for everybody?
  6. I actually thought Hurd was heading to OSU and Muschamp was really wanting him.
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