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  1. His name is Judd, seriously. Imagine his students troll him often with that name. On another note, Evans said last night in IG, that he has made a decision....
  2. Basically what BD said. Even in recruiting interviews, he would go out of his way to not mention UGA, and most had him going elsewhere. Sac was all over that one and kept telling people not to pay any attention to his visits or what he said. He was a Dawg the entire time.
  3. Good news coming soon, OL class is incredible. On Gilbert, totally different views on him. Sac, is Gilbert this year’s Ray Drew?
  4. Arik Gilbert — 5 star, #1 TEKelee Ringo 5 star, #2 CBJordan Burch — 5 Star, #1 SDEKendall Milton — 5 star, #2 RBMekhail Sherman — 5 star, #2 OLBBroderick Jones — 5 star, #2 OTParis Johnson — 5 star, #1 OTLen’neth Whitehead — 4 star #4 ILB Akinola Ogunbiyi — 4 star, #12 OGCarson Beck — 4 star, (should be #2 QB), #3 QBNazir Stackhouse — 4 star, #19 DTJamil Burroughs — 4 star, #10 DTJustin Robinson — 4 starTate Ratledge — 4 star, #4 OTHenry Gray — 4 star, #6 CBJoel Williams — 4 star, #12 ATHDwight McGlothern — 4 Star, #10 CBJalen Carter — 4 star, #5 DTTank Bigsby — 4 star, #8 RBZykevious Walker — 4 star, #5 DETheo Johnson — 4 star, #3 TEJalen Kimber — 4 star, #8 CBKobe Pryor — 3 star2021Cane Berrong — 5 star, #1 TEDavid Daniel — 5 star, #1 SMicah Morris — 5 Star, #1 OTAmarius Mims — 4 star, #2 OTTerrance Ferguson — 4 star, #14 OT
  5. Sherman has now confirmed he is coming and making it his OV. Looks like we may have a few OV next weekend.
  6. Speaking of Hancock, anyone close enough to go watch him is a treat. He is projected as the #1 pick in the 2020 draft.
  7. My dark horse pick is Sherman. His last visit anywhere was UGA over a month ago and he’s still talking about it. Not sure if he has confirmed he’s coming but if he does, really like our chances. Gilbert could go public but I doubt it. Ringo is intriguing as well, he seems like he can’t wait to get back next week. Washington is doing a couple visits next week mid week in the East, be interesting to see if he stops by. He’s scheduled to be back in June but showing up next week would be good news.
  8. Zeke or Whitehead are the most likely. We like where we sit with a Lot of guys. Been told we sit very well with 3, but one of those I’m not sure on, think he’s told multiple staffs that he is coming. Let’s see if Jarrett makes it to Gday. Totally agree on Gday being multiple day thing, actually effects the entire class. Plenty of players who ended up at UGA pointed at Gday as the turning point. I do think we will get at least one public, get momentum with others, and perhaps another silent or two. Silents aren’t what they used to be imo.
  9. Which guy do you think pops? Think it’s one of the silents or someone else?
  10. Go around the 37 min mark, Rusty basically says he expects a commit on G-day. He also tweeted out buckle up which he normally does before a commit or commits.
  11. Jermaine Burton committing this month as well, expect LSU to be the pick. UGA may only take one more WR.
  12. Wyman is intriguing, he commits on the 16th, as you know, Gday is the 20th... SC is pushing hard for his commit.
  13. Murphy isn’t even keeping the light on for UGA. He can talk extensively about academics at other schools but when asked about UGA, he says he doesn’t know bc he hasn’t even allowed them to show him the academic side. Will not be at Gday but says will visit in May, wouldn’t hold my breath. Now, they say he is different, is he trolling? His mom is alumni, so he should know all about UGA academics. I don’t think he is but he’s definitely one that goes to his own beat so who knows, just have to get him on campus.
  14. What is up with your OL? Weismann and Kendrick thinking about leaving and now Crowder? Debord giving them hard knocks?