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  1. My loyalty has been proven since 1986. Section 613, row 21, seats 1 and 2.
  2. A reDICKulas point. My next name will be BillyKilmer.That oughta do it.
  3. Somehow, you believe that no Saints fans were saints fans before they joined this site.
  4. Garbage. Pure and simple garbage.98%. Why not 97.654 or 98.345? A made up, nonsense #. As far as those "bag wearing" fans, which ones? The ones that watched a previous owner put trash on the field and in the front office season after season? The few that wore bags in 1981? The 100 or so that wore them? The less than ONE PERCENT that did it? ****, they should be awarded. They started something that fans of every losing team, including the beloved falcons, have done. It's pretty simple minded to think that the amount of Saints fans on this site is an indicator of anything when it comes to the love of the Saints by the people in the New Orleans area. You just don't get it. You obviously don't understand the love of football in this area.Sure there are bandwagoneers, but 98%.Lordy
  5. Hey, I agree with you.I think I'll pop in the dvd of the superbowl win.Again. Once more.
  6. It still amazes me how many Falcon fans considered this an easy win, but most fault has to point at the head coach.The Saints have been the highest scoring team in the league for YEARS.Why gamble and give them a short field? ****, not once, but twice. Ryan missed a couple of long bombs thay could have been scores. It was a great game to watch.Coulda woulda shoulda.
  7. Good post.Nothing like a 3 game winning streak to pump up the fan base. Not even the fact that 2 of those wins have been against the Colts and the Panthers. It should be a great game. The way the Saints have played on the road this season does worry me. A ball control O can beat the Saints.Turner running the ball and Ryan short passing down the field could mean trouble. If the Saints can run the ball early, things will open up for Brees.I'll stick with Saints,31-30. Should be a great game. Anyone on either side saying it should be an "easy win" is lost in homerland.
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