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  1. Now all of the sudden a giant booty is a problem?
  2. What luck does he need ? He has possibly the two worst centers in front of him in the league right now
  3. First question yes, second question ask me in five years
  4. Listen guys, I am not sitting here saying that Stone is better than Nick Mangold or Pouncey or any of the great Center's of today. For me to say Stone is better than Hawley and Konz, is not that hard to believe. There are probably 20 plus centers in the league right now that are better than Hawley and Konz. Actually now that I think about it, I bet there are 30 plus centers in the league better than Hawley or Konz. Konz has gotten dominated at the C position because he is probably to weak and too slow for the position. Hawley has just been embarrassing with his lack of confidence, size and idiotic play. Lets not forget the joke show he pulled off vs the Redskins as a FB. I can't remember 1 good thing Hawley has done but I can remember at least 3 very embarrassing moments from him. 1) Giants Playoff games in NY, Hawley does the 360 John Elway dive into Matt Ryan because the DT bull rushes him to death. 2) Redskins at Washington. Hawley goes out for a 5 yard out route as a FB and bobbles the ball in the air and has it fly 5 yards away from him as if the Ball was made of fire. 3) Panthers at Atlanta. Falcons had a legit shot of winning the game in traditional Falcon fashion, only to have Hawley snap the ball 30 yards down the field to give the Panthers the division. 4) Hawley vs Campbell in Arizona. Hawley pretending to get a "penalty flop" gets completely thrown 6 yards by 1 man. The play was suppose to be "smart" according to Falcons fans but it ended up being a gif that is burned inside all of our heads to make this team look weak and soft. 5) NO LEADERSHIP ability. Hawley shows no leadership and the Falcons obviously do NOT think much of him by giving him a 2 year contract rather than a 5 to 6 year contract.
  5. You guys really can't admit that genetics plays a HUGE role for any athlete in any sport? Why don't all pro linemen all look like Joe Hawley? Why don't they have the all have toothpick legs and an average upper body? Hawley is an average man playing a big boys game. He can have all the talent next to him, he is still an average player who shouldn't even be on an NFL team.
  6. I am just saying what is best for the Falcons. We all know that Konz and Hawley have pretty much reached their maximum upside potential. I can maybe give Konz credit for getting stronger in the weight room, but it still might not be enough for him. Stone is a man that can only grow to get better, and he will be the starting C for the Falcons.
  7. What info do you have besides, Hawley looked good last year? According to the stats and facts, Falcons went 4-12. Need a change much?
  8. Colts fans haven't had to deal with Hawley for 4 years of doing nothing but embarrassing the team. Colts have actually had a respectable C for the past couple of years, so I don't know why they would need to look at Hawley. Hawley got the Garrett Reynolds deal, which = will be cut this year or next year. Hopefully this year.
  9. Just skip to offensive possessions. It won't take more than 10 minutes to watch downs 1 - 3
  10. I am not even a Tennessee fan. Stone is just a guy that will jump out at you on film and reminds me of Andre Gurode back in his pro bowl days.
  11. Just watch his play. There is a lot more to being strong than what you bench press. If you have the genetics, you can have overall strength from the lower body all the way to your hands. James Stone is the next great C.
  12. Look at those tree trunk legs. That's what makes a great offensive lineman, are those big ol thick legs and power butt. James Stone is genetically gifted to have both and will Start as the Falcons C.
  13. Haven't seen legs like that since watching America's Next Top Model.
  14. Watch tape on him and not go off what some geek at a sports website says. The guy is all man and a yard wide. 6'4, plays like he is 320, has a great mind for the game. He will win out the starting C position.
  15. Stone is the type of C this Falcons team hasn't had in a LONG time. Big Body, Strong, Smart, heavy hands, can move the DT out of the play, can be a true leader on the O-line.
  16. Why didn't Jeff Saturday get drafted or Arian Foster or Cameron Wake or even Paul Worrilow? Stone is the man and its about time the Falcons addressed the C position.
  17. Whose the guy we want as a franchise C? The POS guy on the left who likes to give the game away by snapping it 30 yards down the field? Or a true old school big sized C who has hunger and drive.
  18. Yeah Joe Hawley vs James Stone. Who would you rather pick a fight with? Believe me, teams across the NFL are laughing at the idea of Hawley or Konz playing C on this team.
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9G3DMTipNQ Guys also, when you do embed videos on here, please change the protocol from https to http. It saves us alot of time from having to open the video in a new window to watch it full screen. JAMES STONE is a beast and will be Falcons starting C this year. He reminds me of a young Andre Gurode.
  20. LT - Baker (2 games healthy) LG - Blalock C - Konz (would get Bodine from UNC at this point) RG - Asamoah RT - Robinson
  21. I picked Harvard to win the NCAA tournament

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