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  1. Did the top 100 last night. Look in the "pins" section now. http://nflspaces.com/pins/
  2. hehe.. And to think I siad "We hold high standars" hahahah I cant even do a title right.
  3. LMAO... high standars meaning we just wont allow BS you know? Heck man I can barely spell lol
  4. Hi, the message forums here at TATF are good. But check this out: there is also a brand new and exciting community for NFL fans that is very cool, fresh, exciting and best of all 100% FREE! Picture if you can, a complete NFL social community designed similar to Facebook with all the goodies. Unlimited uploading of photos, videos, blog creations, message forums, user created pages, tagging photos, games, etc. (too much to list). Friends communicate with friends, share media, comment on others timelines, etc. You are invited because there has never before been a website built like this for NFL f
  5. And they are coming. We are growing for sure but, I messed up the title Nah this site will always be lively. It's the Falcons web site of all places and it should be hopping. There are a ton of active users here at TATF
  6. When did you do this? If you used a gmail account the activation link sometimes goes to your spam folder. It could of course do this with any email server depending on the settings. I have deleted all prior accounts that had not been activated in the past. Feel free to message me here so I can see if anything needs to be done. If this is right now I will need to know the user name you joined with,
  7. We have made a lot of changes since the site began 2 weeks ago and we are thankful to the users that are actively participating, especially in the forums. The sites Admin posted a forum topic on how proud he is regarding the no nonsense professional manner the members are using. Four new additions where implemented into the site last night. 1. Prayers: a new prayer module has been added for the members to post by user name or anonymously, including prayer request. 2. Jokes: members can now add their favorite jokes. The new jokes module has different categories, and members can vote, comment, s
  8. We still have some room for more! Come join in!
  9. Nope.. Females bring males.. ha.. You've been activated.
  10. First time thats happened that I am even aware of.. I can self activate you dirtybgirl.. one minute
  11. Nice. What was the point? Seriusly why do people here feel the need for stuff like this? I will never get this mentality from others.
  12. Not her but I do see some resemblance. Accept my oppology I'm taking her off as others have ask to see boobs etc.. This is sad
  13. This is why I opened another site. I'm not into games man so you re-registering here at TATF under someone else to start something is silly. Neither of us are from UTAH and if you truly believe you know her then give her a shout we share the same home number!. I wont play this stuff with you and wont respond regarding your sillyness on this matter.
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