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  1. There's RB's to be had from top to bottom in the draft. I agree that "life after Turner" is coming soon, but whether by trade, FA, or draft, the runningback is probably the easiest position to replace in the NFL. True gamebreakers like Adrian Peterson are rare, but there are currently 14 guys in the NFL at the running back position averaging 4.5 or more yards per carry. It's everybody from LeSean McCoy to Matt Forte to Ben Tate to Roy Helu. There's another dozen guys averaging between 4.0 and 4.5, with Arian Foster coming in at 4.0. LeGarrette Blount and his "Eddie George Strategy" (1 yard gain, 3 yard gain, 1 yard loss, 3 yard gain, 53 yard gain, 2 yard gain, 3 yard loss, 17 yard gain, 1 yard gain, 1 yard gain, 2 yard gain, 1 yard loss, 1 yard gain, 2 yard gain, 1 yard gain, 15 yard gain) is averaging 4.4. Put a strong O-line in front of Jaquizz and he'll gain 1200 in a season as a feature back. That's why you won't see as many people clamoring to immediately place an emphasis on the halfback position.
  2. We need to beat Jacksonville by 14-17, the way we should have beaten Houston. We shouldn't have lost more than 3 games this season, and I blame it on inconsistent play and taking our foot off the gas. If we find something that works against Jacksonville, we need to beat it to death, sportsmanship be damned. If we've got a chance to win by 35, we should. Realistically, a 7-10 point win is what I expect after we let them creep back in in the second half and make Gabbert look a lot better than he is.
  3. First time posting here in a loooooong time. The biggest needs I see? 1. OC. There are far too many weapons on the field to be stuck in the same play-calling scheme that we've had for the last few years. Get a fresh set of eyes in there and open things up. 2. DE. This is more a "big picture" move than an immediate need. A pure pass rusher, even if it's in the draft (looking at a guy like Vinny Curry) to rotate in with Abraham and Edwards and take John's spot when he's ready to move on would be fantastic. 3. O-Line depth. Always a good idea. See also: Pittsburgh Steelers. 4. TE. Tony Gonzalez can't be duplicated, but guys like Tony, Gates, Gronk, Hernandez, Daniel, and Witten have proven how valuable the TE can be as an offensive weapon. Find one to either learn from Tony or step in if he decides to retire.
  4. Gavin - Huntington, WV Micheal, We always hear about guys that have pre-game routines or "superstitions", especially when things are going good. Do you do anything in particular to help shake off a tough loss like in Week 1?
  5. It's easy. Watch. Our defense played physical and swarmed to the ball very well. Aside from the game winner, we held Pittsburgh, a team whose offensive identity is running the ball, to about 3 yards per carry. That's excellent. If we bring that type of pursuit and physicality to every game, we're going to be sitting pretty in December.
  6. Baker and our entire o line got beat up by one of the best defensive lines in football, who happened to be playing with extra motivation because they knew the offense wasn't going to help them out. Sam Baker is a consistent guy, having one bad game does not make him a bust. I'm happy having him around.
  7. That loss hurt. It probably didn't help that it was my second "stomach punch" game of the weekend, being a Marshall University fan and watching them fall apart against WVU on Friday night. Or that I had to stomach seeing the Saints hold on for a win on Thursday. Or that I had to watch Ohio State roll against Miami. To say this weekend was a disaster for me in terms of football would be a gross understatement. Twelve or so hours removed from the Falcons' loss, though, I'm a little more clear headed on the subject. There are positives and negatives to take away from the game. POSITIVE: Roddy White just proved to the world that he's an elite wideout. As fans of the Falcons football team, we've known it for a long time, but today, on opening week, he went out against one of the best defenses in the league and made some incredible catches. In particular, the catch he made on the sideline with McFadden draped on him was outstanding. NEGATIVE: Dinking and dunking down the field didn't really work when we had Jeff George, it's probably not going to work now. That offense has never accomplished much of anything in its purest form. You have to either stretch the field vertically, or be able to hammer the ball consistently on the ground. Well, against the Steelers, nobody runs the ball well. POSITIVE: Our defense is faster, flocks to the ball better, and with the exception of one play in overtime, had an outstanding game. Rookie Sean Weatherspoon didn't make any stupid rookie mistakes, the secondary never got truly burned, and we forced Dennis Dixon to move in the pocket. I would have preferred fewer 20 yard completions to Hines Ward, but we recovered well and, if I remember correctly, allowed only a total of four plays in the red zone. NEGATIVE: Our pass rush, while better, has to get..well...better. Hurries are nice, hits are better, but we have to get more sacks. Abraham was almost there several times, but he was the only member of the front four that was consistently behind the o-line. For all the talk of Van Gorder's new blitz-heavy defense, it has yet to make an appearance in the preseason or week 1. POSITIVE: Micheal Vick fans won't like hearing this, but Matt Ryan looked great. He went in against a very good defense and didn't do anything stupid. Troy Polamolu breaking on a ball from 1/3 of the way across the field to make a tiptoe interception has happened to a ton of quarterbacks. Matt Ryan was making difficult throws, didn't get rattled under pressure, and was able to consistently keep field position in Atlanta's favor. I still feel like we need an upgrade on the other side of the field from Roddy White so that Harry Douglas can be more effective in the #3 position, but aside from trying to force the ball to Tony Gonzalez early, I have no issues with Matty Ice's performance. NEGATIVE: It's a culture thing. My best friend is a Steelers fan, and he never questioned whether the Steelers would win the game. On the other hand, I was trying to figure out how we would lose it. There's no quick cure for this because simply put, we've been a bad franchise for a long time. This game put a bad taste in my mouth, and I'm trying not to panic over the season already, but I don't have a good feeling. Here's hoping for a bounce back against Arizona. In other news, offenses around the league looked kind of like garbage. Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers' lack of production essentially killed my two fantasy football teams. I'm assuming it's just a case of the defenses being in sync faster than the offenses, much like in baseball where the pitchers are usually ahead of the hitters after spring training. As timing issues get worked out, I'll expect to see scoreboards lighting up around the league. And finally from around the league... Peyton Manning and the Colts lost. I can't stand that guy. He whines way too much. In my money league, the guy right before me took Arian Foster. The Redskins' uniforms with the gold pants are sweet. Seeing MeAngelo get a fumble recovery for a touchdown is not. Tom Brady is 100%, Wes Welker looks great, and the Patriots appear to be back. Tom Brady is 100%, Wes Welker looks great, and the Patriots appear to be back. Sorry for my lack of activity lately (like anybody has noticed) but they've tightened up the filters at work, so no more mid-day posting. Evenings have been occupied housebreaking and enjoying my new Weimeraner pup, AKC registered as Ares Bad Moon Rison. Don't cannibalize the team after week one. Rise up!
  8. My best friend is a Twins fan, and we've debated more than once on who has the better catcher. I told him that despite the gaudy numbers and huge contract, I'd much rather have McCann. Granted, he may never hit for an eye-popping average, but you can count on him to hit between .280 and .310 every year, with 20 or so HR and 85-100 RBI. Beyond that, I think he's about to inherit the Johnny Bench/Pudge Rodriguez mantle as the unquestioned best defensive catcher in the game. It's easy to overlook his defensive abilities because he makes spectacular plays look routine. Throw in the fact that he's a class act and has evolved into a leader and I wouldn't trade him for another catcher in MLB. This is no knock on Mauer, and you couldn't go wrong with either guy, but I'm perfectly happy having McCann in the clubhouse.
  9. The Phillies seem to be stuck in the same hole we were in last year. They only win when we win, and they can't win the crucial games on days we lose to make up ground. Mentally, that is exhausting for a team. Here's hoping they start to slip in September like we did last year.
  10. The NFL loves the Steelers. I'm not making a built in excuse in case we lose, just stating facts. Refs have come out from both of their Superbowl victories and basically said, "Look, we screwed up calls in that game and kind of handed the Steelers the trophy." Playing them at home in week 1 worries me for that very reason. If everything goes down the middle with the refs, we should win by a touchdown if we can get 3 and outs and keep their defense on the field.
  11. If I were creating a musical montage for this series, I believe I'd set the clips to "Electric Worry" by Clutch. We need a little bit of energy for a big four game series here that can potentially put some distance between us and those jerks from Philly. BANG BANG BANG BANG! VAMINOS VAMINOS!
  12. If the Colts fans complain about the OC, who exactly would they complain about? The guy with the headset or the guy wearing 18?
  13. Inexcusable. Don't you guys know that despite the fact that he stinks out loud in the playoffs, only has one Superbowl ring, and whines more than any elite quarterback ever, Peyton Manning walks on water? The only reason the Colts got beat last night is because the NFL screwed them over. Plain and simple.
  14. Guy I work with is a Mets fan, and his response was, "Good. That only helps us for next year." Granted, he's a Mets fan and they're jerks, but I don't get the people that can celebrate injuries to anybody. No matter who he plays for, Strasburg draws a crowd and is good for baseball. Moreso if he and Harper can help turn the Nationals into a viable franchise. Anybody want to put odds on who gets back first - Medlen or Strasburg?
  15. Per text from ESPN News just a few minutes ago. The human body just (usually) isn't meant to throw that hard, that often. Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson were able to get away with it, but much more often you see guys develop serious problems when they're asked to throw 100 pitches between 90 and 102 mph every five days. Strasburg, Zumaya, Prior, Wood, Van Poppel, etc. The list is long. I'm sure mechanics play a part, but there's a threshold on what the human body can do as well. Hate to hear about the injury, even to a division opponent.
  16. If I send HUMAN OVERLORD WREN FRANK an email, do you think he'll agree to NOT call up Kawakami?
  17. Sweep. The "white flag" lineup on Sundays have been our most consistently productive offensive lineups. Good chance to salvage August with a series sweep here.
  18. Whatever. That November game against Green Bay just got much scarier. Aaron Rodgers had the Green Bay offense humming.
  19. First and foremost, I want to see our defense get off the field on third down. Turnovers are nice when you get them, but three and outs are just as effective as turnovers. Chad Henne has a good arm, the Dolphins have some speed at wide receiver, and their runningbacks are workhorses. This will be a good opportunity for our defense to step up and prove that there have been improvements since last year's much maligned group. Secondly, I want to see the first team offense look like a first team offense. Matt Ryan has looked sharp most of the time, which was to be expected given all we heard about how hard he worked in the gym and out of it this off season. I want big holes opened up for Turner, Norwood, and Snelling. I want passes coming out of the backfield. I want the field stretched for Roddy and HD. I want to see the number of drops from receivers down to 0 for the first team for this game, and I want to see the first team in the end zone at least twice. Finally, I just want to come out of this healthy. The third preseason game is where our first team guys will be on the field much longer, and I don't want any key players getting dinged up or seriously injured in this one.
  20. This. Seriously, just groove one and take your chances at that point.
  21. Diaz is a nice roleplayer and hustler that I hope we hold on to. Really like the guy coming off the bench and platooning for us in an injury spot.
  22. So an article on ESPN...ranking players in a division...automatically puts players from the defending champs at the top of the list, regardless of player history for them or any other team? Well I, for one, am STUNNED.
  23. You know what's neat? Not having to be terrified of thunderstorms.
  24. Except that we took 2 of 3 from San Diego in Atlanta AND in San Diego. Except that we took 3 of 4 from San Francisco in San Francisco, but lost 2 of 3 to them in Atlanta. If the bats are alive, we'll do fine, whether we're playing in Turner Field, on the left coast, or three blocks from Chernobyl. If the bats go into hiding, we're screwed regardless. See also: Tommy Hanson's record/ERA over the last half dozen starts.
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