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  1. It's a testament to the relentlessness of Kirby and staff in recruiting, especially this cycle. I'm am just in total awe.
  2. Yes I was able to read what has been said regarding Mcconkey's weight. Generally "size" refers height AND weight and was only mentioning because the comparison with Mecole Hardman if that's ok with you?
  3. Someone pointed out (don't remember who) that he's the same size as Hardman was coming out of high school. Most freshman aren't ready to contribute right out HS but size shouldn't be a concern with this kid.
  4. Good day? Its been like nothing but good since the season ended.
  5. I was curious about the TV ratings for the game. LSU vs Clemson: 14.3 rating, 25.59 million viewers which was up slightly from 2018's championship game. In comparison UGA-Bama 2017 got 15.6 rating, 28.443 million viewers.
  6. I had forgotten about Truss. That's encouraging that he could be ready to fill one tackle spot after acclimating for a year.
  7. WR's are somewhat undervalued in the draft right now. Only two were taken in the 1st round last year and it is a WR heavy draft with Jeudy, Ruggs, Jefferson, Lamb and several other very good WR's.
  8. I saw that too. It also agrees with what has been said about good play design but for the wrong QB. That's the same as a bad play in my book. Kirby obviously liked him as a coach so the hope for me going into the season was that he had grown as an offensive coach since the Miami days. But I think he just lacks the ability to plan an offense to maximize the talent you have and the ability to create a plan that the players can buy into. And I think despite all of the turnover on the offense, the difference in 2020 will be like night and day with and experienced successful OC.
  9. And in the championship game where Clemson did "pretty good" against him, he throws 5 TD'S, runs for a TD and had another TD dropped. Just SICK.
  10. Best of luck to him. Too bad it didn't work out at UGA.
  11. As the Recruit Turns: Episode 17 This "alleged" contact could be merely for his benefit rather than to recruit him to UGA, given that a couple of our coaches have established that relationship. Honestly, barring lots of injuries, this kid would have little to no impact on the success of UGA football for at least a year. Why even bother with a potential headache at this point?
  12. I am SUPER excited for this. No more winning just on talent.
  13. Wins over teams Ranked #2, #4, #6, #7, #8, #14, #25 in the final AP poll.
  14. This!. Despite all of our struggles on offense in what was a frustrating season at times, we finished #4 in the nation. That's clearly not the result we wanted but still impressive.
  15. This seems waaaaay too long from the end of the college football season. I'm a big college football fan and I almost forgot that the championship still hasn't been decided.
  16. Agree. We're losing more 5 stars than most teams ever see which renders those recruiting rankings meaningless. And I don't know why but I always had a suspicion that May's would not finish his college career at UGA.
  17. Landers caught 3 passes in the Sugar Bowl but one may have been a jet sweep.
  18. GREAT win for the program. I was not optimistic coming into the game.
  19. No doubt, it's not just the receivers. Tua is deadly accurate, especially on deep balls.
  20. That's the first highlights I've seen of this kid. He's plenty athletic enough to make plays on those read/option plays and make positive plays when a play breaks down. That's all we need to be more dynamic on offense. Doesn't have to be "dual-threat" QB.
  21. Good win against a Top 10 opponent and showing some life on offense despite all of the missing players. Go Dawgs!!!!
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