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  1. Only because of the butthurt being so strong with the Fields transfer. The obvious difference being that one comment was our of frustration and the other was in an effort to scare off competition.
  2. That is quite a coup by Diaz. I'm jealous. By the way will there be anybody left from last season's Bama offense? So far Enos, Lindsey, Key, Gattis have all moved on.
  3. Did it become a national news story? Are students kicked out of school for making those comments? The point is not that this should or should not make Fields eligible for a transfer waiver. The point is No one is making it up. IT HAPPENED!
  4. Its not "race stuff" or a "race card". It was a REAL event that happened involving Justin Fields race.
  5. What has yet to be explained is the motivation for you and some others to wish ill on a former UGA player?
  6. It can't be stated any better than this.
  7. That complaint with Chaney still stands 100% IMO. But the stats show that Georgia executed at a very high level most of the season. It's just execution of a different style of offense.
  8. The Top Billin guy had questioned Bama's speed and overall talent in the secondary and he was right. They got absolutely thrashed. That one area of weakness we didn't or weren't able to take full advantage of in the SECCG and THAT is why I think we should develop a more dynamic passing game - games against elite talent defenses.
  9. He's not referencing anything said on social media as a reason for the waiver. This the full statement
  10. It has nothing to do with saving face. I am rather enjoying the outcome of that game to be honest. But we are discussing the Q Williams comment that statistically has some validity to it.
  11. Clemson's blowout win over Alabama delivers ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU/ESPNews a 14.6 overnight rating. Lowest for a college football national championship since Bama-LSU in 2012 (13.8 just on ESPN). Thriller last year with Bama-Georgia got a 16.7
  12. I don' t think it is. Georgia obviously isn't flashy offensively but the results are (usually) effective. And even with all of the busted coverages and big plays by Clemson, our offensive numbers against Bama were similar. Our weaknesses on defense hurt us in that game.
  13. I agree. Everyone goes all "Miss Cleo" predicting the future based on one game. Clearly how far Kirby Smart takes UGA is yet to be determined. But we are not building a program to have "window" to win a championship. We are attempting to be a program that's in contention for a championship every year.
  14. All season long we thought that Tua and the Bama offense was the most dominant force in college football. Turns out, it is Trevor Lawrence and those WR's .