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  1. You can't make this stuff up.
  2. Truth
  3. I friggin HATE this targeting crap. What is the defensive player supposed to do in that situation? Its freakin football!!!
  4. Something to make note of South Carolina had 459 yards of offense.
  5. So far Lawrence is suffering that sophomore slump. If they played anybody with a pulse, they would be in for a battle.
  6. I'm not convinced that losing Franks is a bad thing but Kentucky just looks like the better team.
  7. Its early but we might have an interesting game brewing in Columbia. The ***** are "up" for this one.
  8. I agree except I'm not sold that their defense is anything close to what it was last year. Mond had time an open receivers in the 1st half and was just awful.
  9. Mr Pickens is in the building!
  10. Nevermind. Kellen Mond has been doodoo.
  11. Clemson does not appear to be in sync on offense yet. Its HOT today. If A&M can run the ball....
  12. This is the part that impressed me the most. He is not trying to make plays that aren't there like a lot of young QB's. The only poor decision I saw was holding the ball too long at times.
  13. Agreed. Does not live up to his recruiting hype. His OL hasn't exactly been competent either.
  14. You could drive an 18-wheeler between those holes.
  15. I think this will be a game but Clem just has too much offense for A&M.