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  1. Hutson Mason coming backing:
  2. We would have moved a guy like Devin Bowman over to RB...he played RB in high school and was pretty good at it. He still might make the move to RB before it is all said and done, but I think we want to see what Boo and Harton can do against New Mexico State (we already know what we have in IC and Thomas).
  3. Richard Samuel had surgery on his ankle this morning and is out 4-6 weeks.
  4. At this point, it is what it is. We can bemoan our situation or we can "man-up" and deal with it.
  5. I am pretty sure that McGarity was told one of two things when it came to appealing this decision: (1) If you agree not to appeal, we will only make Kwame's suspension for a half instead of a whole game since he should have been ejected from the last game for throwing a punch and automatically be serving a one game suspension; (2) If you agree not to appeal the suspension, we will let the matter of CTG and Franklin go away quietly and you can handle it internally like you want to.
  6. Nice username as well!

  7. Rockin' user name my friend. Praise the Lord!

  8. I love the Lord Jesus Christ!