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  1. I'd rather wear dirty clothes than wash 'em in Brees detergent. What's that old Tide slogan,..."Stronger Than Dirt",...lol Happy B'day, BCE! And don't you worry 'bout a thing. Falcons 34, Cowboys 17.
  2. Football brings folks together, or at least it should. Some folks take it too seriously, forgetting that at the end of the day, it's all about entertainment.
  3. Even better. This won't even be close. Most of the nation will have turned off the TV and gone to sleep before it's over, except that the end of daylight savings time might keep them up a little longer, since we all gain one hour this weekend. Faith Hill is coming to my place to spend the night, so I'll be up regardless. She's been waiting all week for Sunday night, and wants to do "that rodeo thing" we do after everyone leaves. Should be fun!
  4. I was worried about the Philly game, yes. Historically, especially under Andy Ried, they had pretty much owned us. We had lost 7 out of the last 8 games to Andy. Yeah, I was worried. Superstition killed the cat.
  5. Yet another classic 'toon from the Gritz man. Hey Gritz, why don't you post them yourself? Who cares if they get trolled? Welcome to the world of message boards, right? Rumble got your back, bro. To succumb to the gripes of few and deprive the pleasure of many is to surrender. Never Surrender! Anyone can talk smack. Very few can illustrate it. That's all I got to say about that.
  6. In retrospect, I have to agree. You's almost HAVE to get a safety to score 32 points. However, wouldn't a safety be nice? Can you see Romo crying? lol You're extremely observant, Mr. Moore.
  7. Write it down, bookmark it, bank on it, whatever. Even without Spoon, expect more of like what we did to Philly,...a very similar game. We are all but unbeatable at home, and when we're at home and #2 starts, we're like 7,987,659 and 1. This won't be much of a contest, but it'll sure be fun to watch for Falcons fans. Not only that, but the whole nation will witness it as well,...the total destruction of "America's Team". The Jerry Jones press conference afterwards should be priceless! Prepare for 8-0 and the following trip to N'awlins. We'll win there as well. When will our first loss come in the regular season? Goodness gracious, I just don't know! Now, ....who wants to wrassle?
  8. If you live in the Atlanta area, get a radio. The games are broadcast on Dave FM. Yeah, I think it's Dave FM.
  9. Well if the Falcons get to and win the Big Dance, maybe those old farts will come back and grace the boards with a Super Bowl Special collaboration, a "Supes - to - Gritz" celebration cartoon illustration of epic and collectable proportions. We can only hope, right? When we played the Giants in the playoffs last season, they worked together on "Falczilla Invades New York". Anyone remember that one? It was an awesome cartoon. The game stunk to high ****, but I printed that smackdown and still have it on the wall in my man cave, along with most of their stuff.
  10. 40 hours on a cartoon??? Geeez, that seems like an awful lot!
  11. Probably not, but I miss the cartoons, especially when they (Supes & Gritz), collaborated and knocked 'em out of the park. And I miss the HSA too. It was fun and the players enjoyed it. Oh well,.....
  12. As I recall, Supes decided to pull the HSA because of fan apathy, lack of voting, etc. It was nothing the organization did. When the team played poorly, most people refused to vote and nobody cared what 40 fans voted for. That was the Achilles Heel of the HSA.
  13. Not just for this game, but throughout the rest of the season. We lack balance on offense and if you can't stop the run on D, you'll eventually get clobbered. This is fundamental football.
  14. I think the Falcons need to score more points than the Eagles. I don't care how or it happens or how close it is.
  15. I was forced to read and consider the merit of what you're saying and I don't like it. You're renting space in my head and I want it to stop immediately. Matter of fact, I suggest we meet at the Waffle House and settle this. How big an ol' boy are ya?
  16. Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons: Is Michael Vick the ‘Coach Killer’? 5:00 am October 25, 2012, by D. Orlando Ledbetter FLOWERY BRANCH — Maybe the elder Jim Mora had it correct in 2006 when he concurred with the basic concept that then-Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was a “coach killer.” Falcons coaches Dan Reeves and Jim Mora were fired while Vick was the quarterback. Bobby Petrino signed on to coach Vick. But when Vick was suspended and eventually went to prison on federal dogfighting charges, Petrino grew tired of Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich and went back to the college game. Now, Andy Reid, the longest-tenured head coach in the NFL with the same team, is doing the rope-a-dope to retain his job. With Vick manufacturing turnovers at an alarming rate, both men are in danger of losing their jobs as they prepare to face the Falcons at 1 p.m. Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said Reid’s status will become clear at the end of the season. Reid said he is not ready to walk away from the job he’s held since Jan. 11, 1999. “I haven’t gotten to that moment,” Reid said when asked if he was ready for his tenure in Philadelphia to end. “I can tell you no. I haven’t felt that way. We love the city of Philadelphia as a family. I’m very fortunate to be doing what I’m doing. I can’t tell you that I’ve haven’t come to that point.” Reid has battled through the death of his son, Garrett, from a drug overdose Aug. 5, and the Eagles have a 3-3 record. But they have lost three of their past four games. Vick, as he did sometimes during his tenure in Atlanta, is treating the football like it’s a hand grenade. He’s had five fumbles and eight interceptions to grease the Eagles’ slide. Reid sent a message to Vick and the rest of his teammates by firing defensive coordinator Juan Castillo on Oct. 16. “It sends a message to everybody,” Vick said. “Coach made it clear that if he felt like you weren’t performing up to your potential or his standards, then you are just going to be sitting beside him.” Vick is backed by rookie Nick Foles and veteran Trent Edwards. Vick knows that if he doesn’t eliminate the turnovers, that he’s likely next before Reid’s firing squad. “I just have to stay focused on going out there and when I’m out there, getting the job done,” Vick said. “I can’t play looking over my shoulder. I can’t play worrying about getting taken out if things do not go right. If that’s what happens, then I’ll just stand tall and keep pushing until the next (time).” Vick knows he has to eliminate the turnovers. “I’m trying to make all of the corrections that I can before Sunday,” Vick said. “The most important thing is that I have to protect the football. If we do that, we give ourselves a chance to win the game.” Reid said the coaches can help Vick. “Coach is trying to insinuate that they can maybe help us out with the play-calling, but still, at the end of the day, the ball is in my hands,” Vick said. “Just like last week against Detroit, I can’t throw the ball up in the air and pray for a guy to make a play. I’ve got to be accurate. … It’s not the coach’s responsibility. It’s my job to correct it.” One way the Eagles could help Vick is to rely more on running back LeSean McCoy, who appears to be under-utilized. The Falcons are giving up 143.8 yards rushing per game and rank 28th of 32 teams against the run. “Yeah, I think we’re going to have to run the football and be able to create different looks from the defense,” Vick said. “That’s going to be important. We have to make sure that we get him going. He’s a big part of our offense.” Reid has posted a 139-93-1 record and is 13-0 after his team’s bye week. He knows a lot is on the line for himself and his quarterback. “If you ask any player or coach in this league, they are going to tell you that’s all part of this game,” Reid said. “You always have that there, so what you do is, as opposed to focusing in on what you can’t control, you focus in on what you can control and that’s getting yourself better. … That’s the approach that Mike takes and I take [and] our players take and coaches take.”
  17. You don't get 6-0 in the NFL being bad. The Falcons are a very good, very talented team. But being an old boxing fan, I subscribe to the idea that you gotta beat the champ to be the champ and in my mind, despite their rocky start, the G-men are still the best team in the NFL and they proved it last Sunday against the 49'ers. 9-7 last season didn't bother them much. As long as they can get into the playoffs, they're good-to-go. What they did to the 49'ers last Sunday should make any NFL fan take notice that they're still the heavyweight champion and personally I think we match up poorly, forgetting the 24-2 stomping given us by them recently enough. And to beat the Pats in the SB not once, but twice? Tell me they're not a great team with a great coach! Tell me! Fortunately, we don't have to play them until later in the season and hopefully we'll be ready and able.
  18. Vick has his problems, but so do we. We can't run and we can't stop the run. Honestly, I see this game as a toss-up. I hate to say that,.I hate the frickin' Eagles!
  19. Careful here. If their kid Jackson gets loose for a buck fifty and Vick is sharp, we're in trouble.
  20. Injuries are part of the game. All teams suffer them. Like I said, he can be great one week and suck the next. I know it's not as simple as that, but Michael Vick scares me never the less. As a Falcons fan, I've seen what he can do when he gets hot.
  21. Indeed we will. I'll be honest here in saying that if Vick has a real good day and Andy is sharp with his game planning, our Falcons will be in for a long afternoon. Vick can be amazing. He can also be terrible. I know he'll play his old team the best he can. We'll see.
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