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  1. I'd rather wear dirty clothes than wash 'em in Brees detergent. What's that old Tide slogan,..."Stronger Than Dirt",...lol Happy B'day, BCE! And don't you worry 'bout a thing. Falcons 34, Cowboys 17.
  2. Football brings folks together, or at least it should. Some folks take it too seriously, forgetting that at the end of the day, it's all about entertainment.
  3. Even better. This won't even be close. Most of the nation will have turned off the TV and gone to sleep before it's over, except that the end of daylight savings time might keep them up a little longer, since we all gain one hour this weekend. Faith Hill is coming to my place to spend the night, so I'll be up regardless. She's been waiting all week for Sunday night, and wants to do "that rodeo thing" we do after everyone leaves. Should be fun!
  4. I was worried about the Philly game, yes. Historically, especially under Andy Ried, they had pretty much owned us. We had lost 7 out of the last 8 games to Andy. Yeah, I was worried. Superstition killed the cat.
  5. Yet another classic 'toon from the Gritz man. Hey Gritz, why don't you post them yourself? Who cares if they get trolled? Welcome to the world of message boards, right? Rumble got your back, bro. To succumb to the gripes of few and deprive the pleasure of many is to surrender. Never Surrender! Anyone can talk smack. Very few can illustrate it. That's all I got to say about that.
  6. In retrospect, I have to agree. You's almost HAVE to get a safety to score 32 points. However, wouldn't a safety be nice? Can you see Romo crying? lol You're extremely observant, Mr. Moore.
  7. Write it down, bookmark it, bank on it, whatever. Even without Spoon, expect more of like what we did to Philly,...a very similar game. We are all but unbeatable at home, and when we're at home and #2 starts, we're like 7,987,659 and 1. This won't be much of a contest, but it'll sure be fun to watch for Falcons fans. Not only that, but the whole nation will witness it as well,...the total destruction of "America's Team". The Jerry Jones press conference afterwards should be priceless! Prepare for 8-0 and the following trip to N'awlins. We'll win there as well. When will our first loss come in the regular season? Goodness gracious, I just don't know! Now, ....who wants to wrassle?
  8. If you live in the Atlanta area, get a radio. The games are broadcast on Dave FM. Yeah, I think it's Dave FM.
  9. Well if the Falcons get to and win the Big Dance, maybe those old farts will come back and grace the boards with a Super Bowl Special collaboration, a "Supes - to - Gritz" celebration cartoon illustration of epic and collectable proportions. We can only hope, right? When we played the Giants in the playoffs last season, they worked together on "Falczilla Invades New York". Anyone remember that one? It was an awesome cartoon. The game stunk to high ****, but I printed that smackdown and still have it on the wall in my man cave, along with most of their stuff.
  10. 40 hours on a cartoon??? Geeez, that seems like an awful lot!
  11. Probably not, but I miss the cartoons, especially when they (Supes & Gritz), collaborated and knocked 'em out of the park. And I miss the HSA too. It was fun and the players enjoyed it. Oh well,.....
  12. As I recall, Supes decided to pull the HSA because of fan apathy, lack of voting, etc. It was nothing the organization did. When the team played poorly, most people refused to vote and nobody cared what 40 fans voted for. That was the Achilles Heel of the HSA.
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