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  1. Cool. Let me know if you are interested. I'd like to get a league started if i can...
  2. Has anyone tried Old School Fantasy Sports? Seems like it might give me the fantasy fix I’m looking for while waiting for the season to start. Let’s you draft new and old players. Figured this was TATF worthy as you can draft Jamal, Terrance, Rison, Roddy, M Turner, and a few others. I’m looking to set up a league and give it a try. PM me if you’re interested (though I’m calling dibs on JA32!) link: https://oldschoolfantasyfootball.com/
  3. I've seen a number of 'Yukon Cornelius' references on these boards, and they always get a laugh out of me. Thank you, sir
  4. Surprised JJ responded. The internet is full of idiots, who mostly seem to want to congregate on Twitter. I would have ignored that dolt and went on about my day without another thought about it...and then put another ~2,000 yards this season
  5. It seems to me that many teams that go to the SB are teams that are able to come together for a single season and catch lightning in a bottle (eg, CAR last year, '12 Giants, '09 Cards, and sadly, '98 Falcons, and many others). Sustainable success is very difficult to come by. Based on what I've seen from this team this offseason, we are built for long-term success with a young and developing roster. The team seems focused, and determined to not let the SB hangover plague them this year. I think we'll be fine, and a winnable early schedule will help get us on the right path.
  6. If you had to pick one of NE, SEA, or ATL three years from now, you would be crazy not to pick ATL. Odds are Brady hits the age wall over the next three years, and when it comes, it comes quickly - as P Manning can attest. And SEA has contracts coming due. No way that team hangs together. They took a step back last season, and I see that slide continuing. ATL, however, has Ryan entering his late prime, a young DEF, a solid )-line with young players, and Quinn is only in his 2nd year. ATL has the brightest future, by far
  7. I think Zeke takes a big step back this year: - the dreaded sophmore slump - could still be suspended, as you alluded to - changes on the O-Line - if their Def is as bad as some suspect, they may not be running much in second halves And if he takes a step back, DAL as a whole will take a step back. Bring on Nov 12th!
  8. Well, he was just voted the 10th on the NFL's TOP 100 PLAYERS OF 2017 list, after an MVP season. Newton was 2016's MVP and was voted #1. Also, Ryan is ranked behind Aaron Rodgers on that list, a player he beat in most statistical categories and twice head-to-head. He's a Falcon - of course he gets no respect.
  9. This thread has great potential. I hereby nominate Jimmy Williams, CB. An early 2nd round pick who did nothing: 'As those of us without short-term memory problems know, Williams didn't do a **** of a lot. In two seasons with the Falcons, he put up 34 tackles, three pass deflections and one interception. He was arrested in 2007 for possession of marijuana, put up a mediocre season with the Falcons and was cut by the new regime in 2008." You gotta get more out of a 2nd round pick...
  10. I'm not liking this because we can't sign the guy to the active roster this year, per league rules, as I understand it. He's a guy getting reps, who won't be on the team. I'd rather give playing time to guys who are eligible. Per PFT: "The catch is the 11th player is picked for them, as part of the NFL’s international player pathway program. The players can’t be activated to the regular roster, but get to hang around for the year."
  11. Good lord - what do the Falcons have to do to earn an A+ under the QB section? Ryan had an MVP season, went to the SB, and Schaub is a solid backup who has had success in Shanahan's system (which isn't changing much this next season). My lord....
  12. No way Rodgers out-performed Ryan last year. Not being a homer, but Ryan led the league in several statistical categories (Rodgers only 1), Ryan put up a better record than Rodgers, and Ryan beat Rodgers twice head-to-head. Not buying it.
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