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  1. yeah Rex and Tressy have winners written all over them. . Overrated coaches with losing records. It amazes me the recycling of coaches in pro sports.
  2. Great staff. Now got to get that cash flowing to some of these recruits.
  3. Its nearly impossible to mess up UGA on the offense side of the ball, but if anybody can CBS is the guy. Terrible NFL OC.
  4. Was Coach McElwain the coach that said, They were going to a funeral when UGA did the whole black out thingy?
  5. He is behind the 8ball as far as recruiting is concerned. All UF had to do was win and they would of had a top 3 class.
  6. great hire. looking forward to being champs again
  7. My List Chad Morris Josh Mcdaniels Bob Stoops Hugh Freeze Dan Quinn Jim McElwain Kiffin the god
  8. the hits just keep on coming. Cody Riggs transfer as well was bizzare
  9. Biggest need for the Gators were on the Line of scrimmage and QB. Now 2015 will be a disaster if they don't get top 3 class.
  10. They had a great LB class last year due to injury most are rs freshmen
  11. So if you kill a young unarmed teenager it makes you a celeb now? SMH.
  12. good class. Harris made it in so it makes it even greater for me. QB and oline were definately what the Gators needed.
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