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  1. Great staff. Now got to get that cash flowing to some of these recruits.
  2. He is behind the 8ball as far as recruiting is concerned. All UF had to do was win and they would of had a top 3 class.
  3. the hits just keep on coming. Cody Riggs transfer as well was bizzare
  4. They had a great LB class last year due to injury most are rs freshmen
  5. good class. Harris made it in so it makes it even greater for me. QB and oline were definately what the Gators needed.
  6. I think Harris could well in UF new offense. Gus is proven though. I hope the Gators can pull in either Adoree or another speedy Wr.
  7. Looks like JC Jackson might stick with the good guys. Does anybody think that Teron Harris is going to flip to the good guys.
  8. Lets see....The great guys got Tabor, Powell,Looks like Moten will flip back. We lose Lane Jackson and Lammons. A little meh but its getting there.
  9. FSU is building a monster that will burn down in the next 2 years
  10. Im hearing that Lane might not qualify. I think that taylor Fulwood Robinson will be ok. The thing is if they can coach up grier cause driskell is horrible. Grier is the key to this class
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