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  1. Reading that got me really pumped. Wish we had one more decent CB or safety, though.
  2. I'm just glad to have him back.
  3. He honestly needs to get off Twitter.. I love Twitter too, a lot of great stuff comes out of it. Not in Roddy's case, though. And for the record, he's an idiot if he doesn't think playing with Julio will make his life easier.
  4. I voted both because I simply don't see a reason to call one a number two. I'm sure we'll have some games where we keep going to one guy and some where we go the other other. Numbers wise, I would think Roddy takes catches and yards while Julio takes YAC and TDs.
  5. If Roddy wants to insult the FO, he should learn how to put together a literate sentence. Just saying.
  6. Lol at people hating on Julio because he isn't from UGA. Both are amazing talents.
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