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  1. Four posts and I'm reminded why I stopped coming on here.
  2. I'm not saying the guy is a superstar... but seriously, what's with the hate? Literally every thread about the D is calling for him to be cut, benched, traded (lol), and so on. As is, he's a pretty serviceable MLB who, before Spoon's injury, played about 40% of the snaps. He even had a pretty solid game last week. He's making 625k this year and 725k next year. That's a bargain for a player of his caliber. Again... not saying he's amazing. Below average starter probably. But, he isn't as bad as some people seem to believe he is.
  3. This isn't Madden. We don't have to select a playbook before going into a game. I understand the thoughts of 'moving' to a 3-4. Really, I do. What I don't get is people acting like the team would go through a massive transformation and only run out of this formation. We ran a lot of different things last year. All teams do. This is why versatile players are so useful and highly regarded around the league. Just seems like too many people think it's a black and white move and suddenly, we'll be one or the other.
  4. He has NOT been resigned, guys. Don't know where there's such a debate going on.
  5. Yep. Was a reach. Never played up to it.
  6. I know he won't get all $41. It's the fact that we have some kind of perception that he's a good player. He isn't. We could have got kept Abe and signed Bush for this price.
  7. Mike Johnson was also a great pick!
  8. Clabo is 31 and Holmes has already sat out a season. Good try though.
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