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  1. I mean: Trump's dang wall would get worn out.
  2. Lawd, Sakerlina lined up in shotgun three yards deep in their own endzone. WTF, McClendon?
  3. Me, too. Since 1983. But I do like Todd Blackledge, though. Odd.
  4. Snell is a football player. Anybody see the bit they did on him on ESPN? He had a mouthguard that has a built in whistle that plays when he breathes hard so he was like, "yeah, when I'm running by I'm all 'wheee!' (makes whistle sound)". Lol.
  5. And Wayne Johnson out there slinging it! Dooley's last Gator Bowl was an awesome game. Sparty had Andre Rison and they scored a TD on, like, 3rd and 29 or something. Lol.
  6. Man, remember when we had Worley and Hampton in the backfield with Henderson and Ellis? And Tate the year before. Wonder if we'll ever have a stable of backs like that again? Oh.
  7. I like that even in your anger you took the time to spell "bologna".
  8. Hmm.
  9. Every time Clay Travis sits down to relax, he should have to get right back up again because he forgot his drink in the other room.
  10. Just saw that LSU leads LA Tech 24 to 21 in the 4th quarter.
  11. OMFG
  12. OMFG
  13. Not sure why they didn't use him that much again us but Shi Smith just caught a big pass to set up first and goal for the Gamecocks.
  14. Oh, wow, just learned that Eddie George's son plays fullback at Vanderbilt. He just lead the way for their RB to a score a TD. 10-7, Sakerlina.
  15. We 'bout to tee it up, boys!
  16. What a game!
  17. First play bomb for a TD! Landsharks! Play may be reviewed. Looks like the receiver's heel was out at the two.
  18. Hey, North Texas has one of the best music programs in the country, particularly in jazz composition. So you can see how this would figure into them beating... Arkansas... at home... Yeah, I got nothing.
  19. This is gonna be one of those games where things look drastically different from one commercial break to another.