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  1. Hey, y'all. I can't remember the last time I visited this site. I feel like it was back when I had just moved to Seattle a couple of years back. I've been living life and staying busy but, anyway, I hope y'all are doing as well as can be and I hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy. Go Dawgs!
  2. Heard he lost his job? I think Jam needs to focus on being a kick/punt returner or a slot/scat back if he wants to play on Sundays.
  3. A post on StingTalk: "I’m not really disappointed at all. They played hard, with effort and in a very difficult environment against the best team in the country. When you look at our schedule, every team we play is very beatable with UGA being a toss up."
  4. This game was almost as entertaining as watching a 3-hour television broadcast of a porcupine, three penguins, and a slightly intoxicated carnival barker play duck-duck-goose whilst also chanting Cambodian battle poetry. Backwards.
  5. "Gervon Dexter- this is the Kirby flip special this year. I’ve been asked to keep some things close on this one. This one will feel like George Pickens from last year. He and Jalen Carter are close (this is very important). He’s also close with Milton. Coach Fountain may be the MVP this cycle; definitely gets most improved."
  6. Hoo boy, former Vol Mykelle McDaniel is airing some dirty laundry. Lawd, there's a lot more.
  7. More here: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-films-presents/0ap2000000250293/NFL-Films-Presents-Horsin-around-with-Eric-Berry Even though he was a Vol I love me some Eric Berry.
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