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  1. Hey, y'all. I can't remember the last time I visited this site. I feel like it was back when I had just moved to Seattle a couple of years back. I've been living life and staying busy but, anyway, I hope y'all are doing as well as can be and I hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy. Go Dawgs!
  2. Heard he lost his job? I think Jam needs to focus on being a kick/punt returner or a slot/scat back if he wants to play on Sundays.
  3. A post on StingTalk: "I’m not really disappointed at all. They played hard, with effort and in a very difficult environment against the best team in the country. When you look at our schedule, every team we play is very beatable with UGA being a toss up."
  4. This game was almost as entertaining as watching a 3-hour television broadcast of a porcupine, three penguins, and a slightly intoxicated carnival barker play duck-duck-goose whilst also chanting Cambodian battle poetry. Backwards.
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