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  1. Man, I like hearing that!
  2. Lol, Roquan got a funny laugh! Hope he didn't jump in the water, though!
  3. Dangit. I suck at maths. My high school algebra teacher told me "for you, x = F"!
  4. Lol! Too bad there aren't actually hats out. That way we could analyze how flat or curved the bills are to determine where he's going using the so-called "curved bill Earth theory"!
  5. Surprised Bama didn't make the cut. Wonder what's going on there?
  6. Add Tremble:
  7. Would you say Teo's vast accomplishments were... made up?
  8. I hear you. Tyler Byrd tweeted again saying that they're going next Tuesday and they're going to live tweet it to try and engage more folks and raise awareness. Hopefully this might help make the bullies see the errors of their way. Or at least think twice about their actions. Also saw that one of the Titans players offered up tickets to a game to the family of the kid that was bullied.
  9. I saw these signs on the ESPN pregame show. Looks like someone got a good picture:
  10. Got nothing but respect for Army. But a bunch of my friends are Marines. So Go Navy, beat Army!
  11. So happy to see this. Way to go, Tennessee guys!
  12. Highly-rated DB out of California. Hope he makes it back to Athens.