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  1. Was our center in 2007, if I recall.
  2. ****
  3. Let's go! So much game left, guys. Let's go!
  4. Well, I'm getting ready to pack up my computer for my move to Seattle tomorrow. I'll still check up on the site with my phone but I wanted to say good luck to everyone and I'll see y'all on the other side. Go Dawgs!
  5. Ben Cleveland so swole his beard benches 300.
  6. More here: Even though he was a Vol I love me some Eric Berry.
  7. We sure have a lot of support staff!
  8. To be fair, we got away with what looked like a facemask on OU's drive just before our drive that tied it up in the 4th quarter. It was clearly of an incidental nature and very minor but I was holding my breath until the next snap.