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  1. I feel it my duty to warn those of you who might click the link that there are pictures of the "sex toys/male apparel" Zach Smith ordered. Which is how I now know what a "Men's Spider Enhancer Thong TRIPLE Ring" looks like...
  2. Somebody tweeted that they spotted Trevor at a Taco Bell. (Click the pic to read the caption)
  3. Does this count as a summer update?
  4. Congrats, man! That's gonna be a special game! (Also, in case you are feeling down about the big 4-0, just remember, it's all down hill once you're old enough to be tried as an adult)!
  5. Calling out the SEC? What the heck does the SEC have to do with this?
  6. I believe I read where someone said we'd know by Monday or Tuesday. Not sure where that info is coming from, though.
  7. "Full go". Hope Terry gets well and glad to read that Divaad is coming along! Also:
  8. Heck, fellas, I heard Saban might commit to UGA this weekend.
  9. Um... Wow, Led! You can tell he's got his head in the game for his final season. And Quay Walker is gonna hurt someone out there. Not even kidding.