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  1. Yikes #29 is the worst player on the roster
  2. I get it. It’s week 2 bruh. Saints have started 0-2 three years in a row. Always time to hit your stride! This is just me an optimist opinion. I’m not done until we’re officially out the playoffs
  3. Cool. He should have answered why he ran verts 3 plays in a row. Meh but whatever we lost a close game to the champs. I’m expecting improvements over the year. Yes my wife says I’m an optimist.
  4. It’s true. It’s DQ defense. We’ll give up checkdowns all day. It’s a problem when we can’t come up and make a play for a short gain. It’s gotten better that last year or so, so I’m cool with it. But yeah if you have McCafferey on your FF team (especially PPR) that’s a must start. Just the way our D is designed.
  5. Tell me the common theme in Ryan’s worst statistical season in the RZ? I’ll give you a hint, Sark was calling the plays. Out of 10 years, last year was his worst stats in the RZ in pretty much every category. I’m no genius but to me it points to one person. Or Ryan regressed to *** over the last year but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that.
  6. Guarantee none of the fans will say a **** thing. And then be giddy AF when he signs something for them.
  7. Oh these comments are going to be original
  8. Nah but Gleason is up for some award. He’ll get it, be presented that night, blocked punt will happen and I’ll turn the game off.