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  1. Dude stands out when you watch the Gators. Always making plays.
  2. When I was born, my two older brothers were already playing little league for the local Falcons. I was begging to play for them when I started walking but couldn’t until 7. I stuck with them since even tho I’m down in Tampa. I’ll be 41 soon, I ain’t giving up anytime soon! Couldn’t watch them often since it was pre internet but I’d read the box scores in the news paper while eating my cereal every Monday morning.
  3. Sweet, I’ve been wondering exactly what it is that you’ll be doing.
  4. They need to try and use him earlier. Seems he gets 6-8 catches every second half.
  5. Um nah no faith in TD from what I’ve seen. I do have hope tho.
  6. All these picks sound exciting until I think of how our picks have gone lately. Just not excited having TD. He’ll probably package a 3rd to move up and get some garbage
  7. Matt Ryan has better hands than Brady
  8. Cool let’s trade good players so we can draft more Oliver’s. Picks sound sexy tho.
  9. Cool then we’ll only need 8-9 other D players.
  10. Is it too much to ask for a forced punt?
  11. If they force 3 punts I’d be happy in the improvement. hold on, Oliver just got called for D holding
  12. I don’t know about believe, but I definitely hope.
  13. Our offense would look so much better if our D wasn’t 2nd to last in forced punts behind Miami. Being not last in this case is not a huge accomplishment.
  14. 1 doubt league wide but us fans feel like it. So yeah it do feel like that 2 bro that was years ago. It’s not a thing. We can’t even lead lately. 3 last week before the game they mentioned we haven’t allowed a play over 40 yards. Yes our D sucks tho. 4 not false at all 5 I don’t remember this hurting this year. I know we did pretty well against the Texans on a few of those. I’ve been drunk every game tho. 6 yup we can’t do **** running the ball. Did you like, 2nd and 9 down by 13 and running the wildcat? 7 you skipped this one 8 yeah a little. Our D is better and our O would look much better 9 the majority of our back 7 seem scared to tackle and our oline can hold with the best of them 10 We brought Dirk back. DQ’s system seems to have been exploited or these players are high school talent and don’t belong, doubtful. We’re 2nd last in forced punts to Miami and let’s be honest, they gave up after week 1 11 meh not many teams do these days
  15. That’s about what we average per game. Congratulations Q you got yourself fired. This your D. You wanted it. You got it. They suck period. If we could get a few punts we might win a game or two. But nah every QB goes 90% against this crap D. It’s either Q or Oliver lol