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  1. We forced Schuab to retire for this. Planned all along
  2. They clearly shut him down weeks ago because we had no chance
  3. Y’all acting like head coach is running out new and much improved D. Morris is not, Ulbich is. The same BS is running our kick FG offense tho.
  4. They’ve been out scored 14-0 in the 3rd quarter of both games. Ridiculously out coached coming out of the half.
  5. Go ahead and put an asterisk like our rivals will. I’ll say we won during an earth wide “pandemic”. Check mate swamp dudes
  6. Ugh I remember I actually wasting time on here arguing to Leftwich to start. What a waste that was.
  7. Dude stands out when you watch the Gators. Always making plays.
  8. When I was born, my two older brothers were already playing little league for the local Falcons. I was begging to play for them when I started walking but couldn’t until 7. I stuck with them since even tho I’m down in Tampa. I’ll be 41 soon, I ain’t giving up anytime soon! Couldn’t watch them often since it was pre internet but I’d read the box scores in the news paper while eating my cereal every Monday morning.
  9. Sweet, I’ve been wondering exactly what it is that you’ll be doing.
  10. They need to try and use him earlier. Seems he gets 6-8 catches every second half.
  11. Um nah no faith in TD from what I’ve seen. I do have hope tho.
  12. All these picks sound exciting until I think of how our picks have gone lately. Just not excited having TD. He’ll probably package a 3rd to move up and get some garbage
  13. Matt Ryan has better hands than Brady
  14. Cool let’s trade good players so we can draft more Oliver’s. Picks sound sexy tho.
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