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  1. This game reminds me of miss st coming into Athens a few years ago. People were worried but the team was laser focused. I think ND is walking into a buzzsaw. If they load the box to stop the run Fromm will burn them, if they don't load the box we will average 8 yds a carry again. Kirby has this team deep, focused and most of all, hungry. I think uga makes a statement to college football on Saturday night.
  2. Yea he's no 8 on the website, I don't know why the change
  3. Yeah they said on Twitter it is Cine
  4. Has Nolan Smith been out there? I saw him on the first series on third down but nothing since?
  5. Where's Carter at, we need to get the August recruiting thread up so we can get some commits rolling in!
  6. Rusty is tweeting we might not be done yet for the night... Any ideas who it might be? (Not Sanders)
  7. Soo...Kipp put a CB on Sanders to UGA... That's cool
  8. Chip towers is saying that it's not a final decision yet, according to his step mom
  9. After being down about the SEC championship game I went and watched clips of Jermaine Johnson and Nolan Smith... With Anderson and Cox getting a full year in the S&C program, our pass rush is going to be nasty next year. Put me in a much better mood
  10. UGA has a plethora of commits visiting UT this weekend, Smith, Marshall, and Walker I believe, I'm not really worried about any of them flipping but it if reassuring that they are traveling over there in a pack... Is haselwood visiting UT too?
  11. Great game, honestly though how long is it going to take to put in fields on those short plays and just let him get the first down or td
  12. Any word on if Cleveland will be back for this game or not?
  13. I wonder if this was the same thing that kept reed out of practice earlier in the week... stomach bug can be highly contagious