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  1. UGA has a plethora of commits visiting UT this weekend, Smith, Marshall, and Walker I believe, I'm not really worried about any of them flipping but it if reassuring that they are traveling over there in a pack... Is haselwood visiting UT too?
  2. Great game, honestly though how long is it going to take to put in fields on those short plays and just let him get the first down or td
  3. Any word on if Cleveland will be back for this game or not?
  4. I wonder if this was the same thing that kept reed out of practice earlier in the week... stomach bug can be highly contagious
  5. I'd be down for a home and home with Miami
  6. Mark Richt has lost control of... Mark Richt...i don't know where we go from here
  7. I'd say Campbell and Isaac stuart
  8. Lol Kirby just off the practice field on ESPNU just said that he would like to add a few more db's, a TE, and a WR. This dude is always recruiting.
  9. How about this... Jeff Sentell's big surprise is big Trent and Roquan announcing they are coming back for senior season
  10. Sssshhhh. No Justin fields is looking around at other schools remember?
  11. Was this his official official visit?
  12. Does sherrer coach in the playoffs or is he gone?
  13. The only assistant coach I don't want to lose is dell mcgee, you pay that man whatever he wants, make him co-oc, coach in waiting, doesn't matter just don't let someone poach him