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  1. Don't fall for the trap... it would be just like Putz-ton to release a guy with a bunch of false info in the hopes we pick him up to pick his brain... We don't need to know nothin' about the Saints we don't already know...
  2. Yes. I am soooo glad that Cam and Brees are different ends of the spectrum... Cam, you have to spy... Brees, you have to pressure! But LT Armstead is BEASTING... gonna need something special to get to Drew...
  3. Green dot!?? How in the blue blazes can Riley CALL the defensive alignment and still look so completely lost and out of position out there!!???
  4. I watched Duke most of the game, just to see IF... What I saw was lost... just... lost...lost all over the field. Never knew where to be, never knew who to cover... just... lost
  5. Exactly... I recall vividly Grady Jarrett having a clear shot at him but trying to side wrap him on the last drive fearing any kind of qb contact is 15 yards... If these terrible qb rules are going to be in effect, there has to be some sort of compromise for the defense, such as qb down as soon as he's wrapped up... And despite the announcer's claims that Kazee should have anticipated Cam's slide, I've watched enough Panther games to know that Cam is just as likely to barrel down and try to keep going...
  6. I can roll with this as well...
  7. I am banging the drum for Navorro Bowman... dude can be the Keanu replacement in the box for sure... bigtime thumper that still has it. Can't hang with pass coverage, but he's a necessary piece with the injuries we've suffered...
  8. Sounds like you have some inside information...
  9. Kazee has shown a nose for the ball and is a dmn good tackler. I get that we will likely have some sort of dropoff in run D without Keanu back there, but I also wonder how many penalties we're going to escape from this year without Neal's...ummm... style... of play?
  10. Whole filet mignon over hardwood smoke; roasted poblano and goat cheese cream sauce... To be the best you gotta eat the best...
  11. We can't lose this one if we want to make that SB run in our house this year. These winnable, early season games come back at the end of the year, a la those dmn games against the Jets and Bills last year...
  12. They'd never allow it... already had backlash just from the few posts made here...