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  1. Yep. Oddly enough, the next Manning comes out in 2026/2027...that's the rookie qb you target tanking for...(lol, just kidding...sorta)
  2. Would love to see Jake Matthews move to Center and get a bigger bodied Left Tackle. Matthews has the Bloodline and the Cerebral to take over the Center position, and the way the rules are set up now, the Center has a lot of protection, which would fit into Matthews' slightly less-than-optimal build for an edge Olineman...
  3. My man Padwan Knight is all over this guy...superb athlete, So reading a defense and recognizing where the gap will be is not an attribute???
  4. Gardner Minshew's cap hit is less than 1 Mil in 2021... At every turn, Gardner "The Answer" Minshew... have I ever mentioned he's thrown 37 TD's to only 11 INT's in his career...or that he's got a 62.9% completion rate, while throwing for 240 yards per game...to Jax WR's?
  5. Alie-Cox is a top tier talent saddled behind veteran depth, with a coach who is loyal to the vets...early in the season he looked like he was going to explode when given the chance due to injuries to Doyle and Burton, then hit a wall when Burton and Doyle returned... I'd have no problem fishing for him...
  6. Beasley was definitely just a miss; it happens. Takk seems to be the bigger mistake with TJ Watt still on the board...sometimes you just gotta go with the smarter decision over the high risk/reward project...
  7. Would rather keep our 1st, draft a great OL or Defensive player to truly bolster our team, and trade a fifth to Jax for Gardner Minshew to learn from and back up Ryan for two years, then put Minshew's 37 TDs : 11 INT, 240 YPG, 62.9% completion, 26 year old self on the field and pick up right where we left off...
  8. Gardner Minshew For a fifth round pick 23 games; 37TD, 11INT; 62.6% completeing; 240 yards per game; 24 years old with 2 years remaining on rookie contract. Could sit and backup or immediately start in case of injury. Perfect situation for our qb "problem"
  9. Neal does what a Strong Safety is supposed to do, and he does it well enough...would rather just go for a serious FS upgrade than have to try to do that PLUS bring in another SS
  10. Yeah, I don't normally agree with Beans, but as far as I see it, LaFleur and Rodgers are responsible for Green Bay's offense...Arthur Smith obviously has tailored his offense toward personnel and is making Ryan Tannehill look good. To me, Smith has shown what we've always craved...a guy who crafts an offense around his personnel instead of trying to fit personnel into his offense. Love the man's creativity and adaptability...
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