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  1. 1) Quinn needs to understand right now that the Saints are going to go for it on 4th down... many times. They have no respect for our defense, and if we actually get them to 4th down, I GUARANTEE Sean Payton has multiple plays designed to convert. He also has the mindset of natural aggression coupled with innate Falcons hatred, and would like nothing more than to embarrass us on Thanksgiving. He did it to the Eagles, and truthfully, his team had fun with it. They clowned those green punks, posed, laughed, ran the score up... and that's on a team they don't care about. WHAT DO YOU THINK HE'S GOT PLANNED FOR THE TEAM HE ACTUALLY HATES??? Dan Quinn, BE READY!!!! 2) Quinn needs to understand that we, as fans, will not tolerate going down like wuzzies. No dmn 3 man rushes...EVER. I swear, if he gives Brees all day to throw a 3rd and 7 because he's rushing 3, I will literally flip my shyte. If we are going to go down, and we probably are, we durn well better go down SWINGING!!! 3rd down... bring the house and if Brees connects, so be it... but DO NOT friggin' bring your popgun to this shotgun fight... DO YOU HEAR ME!??? Dan Quinn, if we're gonna take an arsewhuppin'... TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!!!
  2. I dunno... but I DO know the entire Fox crew was spouting everything Dallas in hopes of promoting their big Thanksgiving Day Dallas/Washington matchup...
  3. Not gonna lie; kinda pizzed we continue to run 3 man rushes on critical 3rd downs only to give the opposing qb plenty of time to find an open receiver...
  4. 1) Because they're the Falcons 2) Because they're the Falcons 3) Because they're the Falcons 4) Because they're the Falcons 5) Because they're the Falcons
  5. "The worst thing a team can be known for is the ability to comeback on them. Once that happens, you never break another team's will. Even up by 14, 17 in the fourth, it makes the other team stronger, more resilient, knowing they will always have a chance to win at the end..."
  6. Well, I'm sure it went just like my own emotions... from confused and embarrassed and disappoints to just downright pizzed... I mean a gotdang rookie QB made our high-priced veteran look like an ahole; dismantled the rest of our secondary, made our DC look like a complete idiot, all while an interim coaching staff completely outcoached and outclassed our DC... then the comments from Campbell backed up everything we as fans feared... that we went into a professional football game ill-prepared and over confident at the opponent... Trufant should be benched, Manuel fired, and DQ demoted to Defensive Coordinator. Then hire Mike Smith back as HC... (Obviously none of that^^^^ is going to happen)
  7. Today, you can have 'em. Most of the time, even after a loss, I can say, "This is my team, win or lose..." This week, I won't be repping anything Falcons. They just don't deserve it after that...
  8. DQ can say whatever he wants... it was obvious from the get-go that the Falcons thought they'd walk onto the field, accept the Browns' forfeit, and walk off... Maybe once every couple years am I TRULY embarrassed as a Falcon fan... most of the time even after a loss I can go on and just say, "That's my team, win or lose..." Today is one of those rare times I won't be repping anything Falcons this week. They don't deserve it...
  9. Yep. Falcons gonna Falcon, and announcers gonna jinx... It's like death and taxes. I'm already puke sick of Kenny Albert and Rhonde Barber...
  10. Well, since Cleveland is known for their Spaghetti and Chili dish, and I like to take the opposing team's signature food and make it better, then eat it while I laugh at them,...I'm having Smoked Macaroni and Cheese topped with Elk and Brisket Chili
  11. Our OL needs to take this game very seriously... Gregg "Bounty" Williams is their new coach, and we better know that Player Safety is going to be at a premium against any team of his...
  12. Man, you got it right! The Saints offense is already deadly enough; actually, adding Dez takes the ball out of a better player's (Michael Thomas, Kamara) hands... I'm all for it...