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  1. I don't see why not...he'll be fired at the end of the season, and if Raheem is serious about keeping this job, he'll realize that sticking with Koetter is going to drag him down. He's got another very capable OC on the staff in Knapp. Fire Koetter and promote Knapp, if for no other reason than to show he continues to hold the problems on this team accountable and will not accept it...
  2. Though I was never on the "Koetter is garbage" train, it's obvious that he can be upgraded. And in a business of millions of dollars and bottom line results, if something needs upgrading, you do it... We saw something different from the players once Quinn was fired, and that's what I wanted...now I need the same with the offense...before I make wholesale changes to the offense, I want to see what we've got with an OC that can scheme a game around the Offense's strengths AND the opposing defense's weaknesses. I'm coining a phrase: Offensive storytelling I d
  3. Well, we are all kinda new at this, so it would be nice if one of you NeverTrumpers would give us the sign when we should start rioting, looting, burning cities down and beating the crp outta old people because we didn't get our way, thanks...
  4. True story: In RC, WFW and I were vying for the title...a MOD made the final call, and, well...the title thingy speaks for itself...
  5. People are making way too much of this. Brees has not been the deciding factor in Falcons/Saints games for a few years now...The Saint's Defense is the deciding factor... that, and I despise saying, the fact that Sean Payton has been the clear-cut better coach for the majority of the past few years of the rivalry.
  6. With the enhanced number of practice squad positions, I can't see any reason not to bring any available talent onto the PS and see in house what we can get out of him... Yes to the PS if I get a vote...
  7. And would be immediately available to leave college back to the NFL this year, if offered...
  8. Read the whole thread...unfortunately. BUT, out of everything posted, I came back to quote this and say that, out of everything posted, THIS is the most convincing argument for. This, and something about Harbaugh being the ahole we need against the Sean Payton's of the NFL...
  9. I see nothing but us eatin' W's all the way to the Bowl, baby!!!!
  10. I get it, but counterpoint: Olamide Zaccheaus, Matt Gono and Brian Poole were all UDFA's... (and let's not pretend this board isn't chock full'o' dudes that think Rico and Kazee are bums...). Point is, we don't need a sixth round draft pick to find sixth round talent; they're all over UDFA...
  11. You whiners just don't get it do you? Shyte teams dont trade picks for players midseason, only good teams do that to make their final push. You trade Takk to a good team for a 6th round pick and you give him exactly what he wanted and THAT'S when you look like an idiot or a fool... You fire that dude and let a shyte team pick him out of the dumpster (because THEY get first crack at waiver claims) and you've let the entire locker room know that things have changed. Pffft on your crying over a late round 2022 pick, give it a rest...
  12. Exactly, and I maintain that we did not get rid of him for "nothing"... we showed a locker room something that they haven't seen in three-plus years... accountability
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