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  1. Nice. Thanks for the headsup...
  2. I'll simply put it like this: Trading sets a bad precedent; caving sets a bad precedent; renegotiating sets a bad precedent. Anything other than standing firm as they are sets a bad precedent.
  3. This does not have to work out for both parties. I'm only interested in it working out for the Falcons.
  4. Julio will be a Falcon for life. He's under contract for the next three years. We don't have to renegotiate; we don't have to trade him; he can't hold out for three years and then try out FA as a 32 year old disgruntled diva WR... He has very little choice but to swallow it up, show up to work this year, and take the Birds on faith at their word (which has been solidly worth something lately) that they will look at a fair renegotiation next year.
  5. Yep. When he's a 32 year old WR with a history of holding out... THAT'S when he's REALLY gonna cash in.../p
  6. Curious, though... how does trading him set any different of a bad precedent than giving him a new contract? Doesn't it stand to reason that if we capitulate to his antics and trade him to a team who redoes his contract and he gets his way, that when another superstar wants the same thing, they'll do the same thing? Cause trouble, wait us out for a trade? The only way this works out for the Falcons organization is to stand firm and just guarantee the dollars for this year...maybe convert some base salary from the last year into a new signing bonus...
  7. Pick-Fil-A
  8. Love me some Ben Garland... Sacking Russell Wilson IN THE PLAYOFFS as a DT when playing Dline... Grading out as the Highest Rated Guard Week 15 when playing Oline... Notice the timing on both of these... Late in the season/playoffs... when big plays are needed most, the Man steps up... BTW, did we mention who he is OFF the field as well? a 2-team Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee... (also nominated with the Broncos in 2014) Air Force National Guardsman... ANYBODY who balks at having THIS guy on their team for a measly 3 Mil just doesn't get winning...
  9. Sorry, man... this forum died when the regulars mutinied and went Rogue to a different site. Check your PM...
  10. I am all about some Five Feet of Fury...
  11. Yes, you are correct, and I apologize for being misinformed. Passed in 2002, immigrants have been being separated from the kids they're with for the duration of at least two Presidencies; one Republican and one Democratic... but it took this guy to sign the EO to restore some sanity to it...but the fact that it happened under the previous administration, who did nothing about it, is true. And in fact, this administration has at least worked to rectify the problem...
  12. You are correct; it's almost 2,000 pages, and this is the second go-around for this topic... hard to believe there's really anything new being discussed that hasn't been discussed, mocked, ridiculed and/or dismissed by both sides yet... That said, I certainly am in the camp where I wish Trump would lay off the inflammation tacticts and just do the job of Presidency; which, if he were to do, people might see that he's actually doing a dmn fine job of it in it's own right. Problem is, I believe he's using his vitriol as a weapon to exacerbate the political divide as an attempt to needle the far left into outright politically charged Civil War. I honestly don't know if there's anything he or anyone else can do right now to diffuse the situation, short of ONE SIDE deciding to pick their battles more wisely... when being asked to leave a restaurant becomes a battle line drawn, things are bad. When public outrage is so one-sided as to camp out in front of admin's homes all night chanting and blaring noises of children crying, while not a peep was made when the previous administration actually passed the dang law...things are bad.
  13. Yeah, pretty much. And I see your election corruption and raise you a biased media and a crazy Congresswoman screaming for citizens to riot against any Trump admin officials they see shopping or eating lunch in public...
  14. Nice responses. Very "civil" and "peaceful." Certainly not worked up at all. I especially like how you stayed away from personal attacks and focused on a rational rebuttal to the post. "I* am the one saying that the left shouldn’t be radical and extremist in their reactions to things" ... if that's even true, you're not taking your own advice very well...
  15. This is a good post. Unlike the others that attack the messenger instead of the message, you've actually responded with salient points about the post. The problem with this response, however, is obviously this: boiled down, it really says, "For 8 years, y'all did foolish, reprehensible and despicable things, therefore, now that it's OUR turn, we're not only going to do the SAME reprehensible and despicable things, we're going to turn up the volume on those things..."