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  1. One of my favorite Falcons. Had a great run with the team. Top notch human being; glad we have him in our history. Wish he could've gotten that ring in LI...
  2. This is the right perspective. Perfect take on the situation. Who couldn't be happy over a solid vet, just coming into the prime age for Olinemen, who has played well and signed a reasonable contract? And this: I have seen scrubs get $9M+ a year is so dmn true it ain't even funny...
  3. Not the Bruce I was hoping for...
  4. LOL at "coming for us with a vengeance..." Does that mean he's going to make kicks against us that he was going to go ahead and miss against some other team? "Well, I WAS going to shank this kick wide right, but since it's against the Falcons...right down the middle, you bastiges!"
  5. After reviewing game film of last year, I think I'll be fine with any of the moves this team might make EXCEPT anything regarding Mohammed Sanu... In My Opinion, he was the MVP of last year and deserves his pay and roster spot...
  6. I always knew he wouldn't miss...but at the end there, was always wondering if he was gonna pull the hammy out again... Will miss the sure feeling that the kick will be made; but I have a feeling Curious Georgio is gonna be solid for us!
  7. I will never be able to understand the relationship between your screenname and your complete disdain for everything Matt Ryan does...
  8. Oh please oh please, someone please photoshop a ref jersey on Lucy... PLEASE oh please! Thanks...
  9. If SP and his assistants are the NFC coaching staff, I do hope our Pro Bowlers come down with a sudden case of Chokeritis and politely dismiss themselves from service... Knowing how much of a dooshbag he is, I wouldn't put it past Rat Face to make a call designed to get Hooper blown up over the middle or some sort of sneaky BS like that. I'd hate to have any of our guys Tainted by his influence... Just my $ .02
  10. We're the only two original rivals in our division...hate goes back to the beginning...Hatfield and McCoy type stuff...
  11. Thank you! This has actually helped!!
  12. Pfft...I'll go you one further...you'll probably have a bigger crowd for your team in our house than the local fanbase has ever put in the seats for a Falcon game...
  13. I hate everything Saints, but even if Payton wasn't their coach I'd still hate his smug, dooshy POS self...terrible husband, father and human being... all on record.
  14. Bro, Koetter has had at least four top 10 run games during his career...I think him not running the ball is a misnomer; I really see it more like a guy who's not going to waste a down on a play that's not going to work just to "stick with the run game and be balanced..." But if he has the horses to pull the wagon, he'll hitch 'em up...