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  1. I understand that, they have the players in the Ring of Honor but some of those players numbers are used but others aren't. Personally I'd love to see a bad *** Strong Safety wearing that #31 (William Andrews)
  2. Ok internet gangster...Jeez I swear you're lame....
  3. I'm referring to the Falcons...We don't choose the elite 5 footers 🤣
  4. Hey Ricardo Allen ...This is a message board...I can post my opinion and don't have to second guess it after pushing send. And for your information, I was referring to his play as I don't know him personally to have an option on his character...Now go run to the car and 😢
  5. We don't need anymore 5'8ish 180 pound safeties anymore either
  6. Exactly....He probably survived as long as he did because he was a DQ favorite but hopefully a new coaching staff will clean out this dead weight.
  7. Ryan will be starting next year can't move him because of that contract 🤷🏽‍♂️
  8. I wanted one of the QBs coming out but I feel we need to trade back and aquire as many picks as we can to fix this atrocious defense.
  9. Yeah I know he's supposed to be the Quaterback of the defense but he is slow as a slug and probably more unathletic than Matt Ryan.
  10. Raheem Morris is an absolute Dan Quinn clone. He goes away from what got him leads in games and starts playing scared. Dirk Koetter goes from getting the ball out quick first half to Deep pass crazy second half.. I can't qith this staff. What a waste of a season.
  11. Decent Drive ....Settle for FG...Defense let's said team waltz right down the field to score....I guess this is a sitcom on constant replay 🤷🏽‍♂️
  12. The ref was just about to call roughing the passer on a unsportsmanlike penalty 😳
  13. Textbook tackle on Stafford....If he would have went low it would have been a flag. Where can you hit a Q.B?
  14. All those draft picks and effort to improve the line and it seems, We still need to draft or get some O lineman...Those guys look like dancing Bears 🐻 out there.
  15. If you have time to stand back there and pat the ball 17 times, you could have ran the ball for atleast 10 yards... Geesh!
  16. I don't care that they are missing several players on defense....The defense is already 🗑... This team looks like they have given up...The offense is boring and horrible as well....Thank God for the Braves!
  17. I would never want the Falcons to lose but I hope we blow another big lead and win by a Chicago mistake in the end causing Blank to pull the trigger.
  18. The Defense did play fairly well but for the Love of God, why can't we stop screen passes?😫
  19. I hope they dont just give the game away on purpose because they are already in ..... I got money on the Birds...lol
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