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  1. Decent Drive ....Settle for FG...Defense let's said team waltz right down the field to score....I guess this is a sitcom on constant replay 🤷🏽‍♂️
  2. The ref was just about to call roughing the passer on a unsportsmanlike penalty 😳
  3. Textbook tackle on Stafford....If he would have went low it would have been a flag. Where can you hit a Q.B?
  4. All those draft picks and effort to improve the line and it seems, We still need to draft or get some O lineman...Those guys look like dancing Bears 🐻 out there.
  5. Let me grab my popcorn 🍿 👀
  6. If you have time to stand back there and pat the ball 17 times, you could have ran the ball for atleast 10 yards... Geesh!
  7. I don't care that they are missing several players on defense....The defense is already 🗑... This team looks like they have given up...The offense is boring and horrible as well....Thank God for the Braves!
  8. I would never want the Falcons to lose but I hope we blow another big lead and win by a Chicago mistake in the end causing Blank to pull the trigger.
  9. The Defense did play fairly well but for the Love of God, why can't we stop screen passes?😫
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