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  1. Great Post. When Mendenhall ran for that TD in OT, my reaction wasn't "$#!+ %&*$#$%!", I could only think "That was probably the game of the week right there, we looked really good for all but one play". And that's truly how I feel. Our O did a good job against a very tough D (I bet the Steelers end the season top 5 again), and our D looked much improved over last season, when we probably would have given up 20-30 points to this same team. I really think the Falcons are in great shape. We have Babs back this week and, looking ahead, I honestly think we have a chance to win every game betwe
  2. I know this has been beat into the ground already, but here's one more shot. On Sunday, the Steelers defense, the same defense that was ranked #1 & won the Super Bowl in 2008, was healthy for the first time since that Super Bowl8 and was as tough as they had been. Great stat: The 2008 Steelers defense allowed only 2 players to pass for more yards than Ryan did on Sunday: Philip Rivers (Wild Card Game, 275 yds) and Kurt Warner (Super Bowl, 374 yds). They even held Peyton Manning under Ryan's 252 yds (Week 10, 228 yds). Passing Yards Allowed by 2008 Steelers: Houston Texans - 159 Cleveland B
  3. Watching the game with my girlfriend, she asked why we were kicking the ball instead of going for it. My response was "If we make the field goal then the game is tied". Her response "But then aren't they playing to tie and not to win?" How could I deny that logic.
  4. I feel exactly the same way. I take heart in a few things I saw yesterday. 1) Ryan threw for 252 yards against a defense that (when healthy), averages less than 200 yards passing allowed per game. 2) Our Defense wasn't flawless, but they were definitely getting pressure on Dixon. FOX had a great stat up at one point. The Pittsburgh O-Line out weighed the Falcons D-Line by approx. 50 lbs. And we were still getting pressure, that's a very good sign. 3) Once Ryan stopped trying to get TG #1000, the O looked better. That was a major hindrance early on. One very bad thing I noticed yesterday that I
  5. The meat is always the cornerstone. The Creole Pork is actually done in a crock pot, cooking for 7-9 hours. As for the BBQ, the meat is done in an oven, cooking for 3-4 hours. In both cases, the meat is falling apart by the time it's done.
  6. Tomorrow: Creole Pork Tenderloin Spanish Rice Cornbread Next Sunday: Beer Braised BBQ Pork Butt Fried Okra
  7. I like being under the radar, but this is a little ridiculous. But whatever, go out and prove it on the field.
  8. My reaction when I logged onto the site this morning:
  9. And the Minnesota O suffered greatly. Favre had no confidence in anyone else to make a play. Didn't help that AP, who finished with 19 carries for 87 yards, only touched the ball 6 times in the second half.
  10. I want to ask a favor. Don't list yourself as a Falcons fan when you're clearly not. Thanks.
  11. I find it funny that he listed Dixon as a love. I've got a feeling he's not going to do that well. At least he admits that if the Falcons light up Pittsburgh, he's going to look pretty stupid. I also find it hilarious that half my fantasy team is listed in his hate category.
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