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  1. So, you have no respect for Brees and company because of the way they went about achieving the passing record, and you think Brees and the Saints lack class because they keep their starters in the game even after the games are out of hand. You know, professional athletes are paid exceptionally well to do what they do because theoretically, they are the best at what they do...if they feel disrespected (or if you do) by what another team does, the thing for them to do is use the abilities for which they are being paid and STOP THE OTHER TEAM FROM DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING...otherwise, if you ca
  2. WFW, if Matt Ryan had been in the same position as Drew Brees was last night (I doubt he ever would be, but that's a topic for another day) I would have absolutely no problem with him going for the record in the exact same way that Brees went for it last night...going into the last drive, he only needed 30 yards, and given that the score was already 38-16 at the time, the Falcons were not going to come back anyway...do you think he should have just deliberately avoided throwing the ball when the record was that close?
  3. The Saints are now tied with the 49ers with 10-3 records...the number 2 seed and a first round bye are still a good possibility for the Saints...
  4. No not out of reach...just have to hope for someone to knock off the 49ers again...
  5. Yeah the Falcons still have a good shot at a wild card...since the Lions are going down tonight, and will be without Suh for a couple games...
  6. Well, getting to the playoffs is one thing...Ryan has proven he can do that much, but until he actually wins a playoff game, I wouldn't say he has really accomplished a whole lot...
  7. As an alternative, I give you Marques Colston...never runs his mouth, hardly ever draws any attention to himself, just goes out and gets the job done...at this point, that in itself is more than enough for me to prefer Colston...
  8. Roddy is a good player, but, as has been shown by his cluelessness when it comes to running his mouth, he leans more toward the dull, rather than the sharp, side of the tools in the shed. At this point, he is actually causing more harm than good for you guys...
  9. In practically every game in this league, there are a handful of plays that determine the outcome...obviously the biggest one today was the 4th down stop in OT, which set up the game-winning FG by the Saints. If any Falcons fans want to say that the Saints benefited from good fortune in winning this game, then they also should acknowledge that they themselves benefited from that same good fortune in the infamous missed FG in overtime game last year. In both cases, the team that won did what they had to do to win, and the team that didn't didn't. So, how about just a straighforward acknowled
  10. Nice to go into the bye week knowing that whatever happens next week, Saints will still be in first place...
  11. You seem to be a bit obsessed with FEMA money...collecting some yourself by any chance?
  12. I just saw the 9 o'clock news on Fox8 here in New Orleans, and in a story about a brand new cruise ship porting here for the next 5 months, the NOLA tourism director said that over 8 million people visit New Orleans as tourists every year...seriously doubt that that anywhere near that many visit Atlanta. As far as wanting to be live in Atlanta instead...here in New Orleans, I can go out to dine at a world class restaurant and go and listen to live music of any genre any night of the week. If I was in Atlanta, I could go out and...and...eat some chicken tenders...yeah I can see where I'd much
  13. Darren Sproles had an awesome day today as well...
  14. I expect you guys to win tomorrow against Seattle...being at Seattle will make it a bit tough, but the Seahawks are not world beaters, I think you can pull it out. Green Bay? I don't think too many teams beat Green Bay this year, so that's probably a loss. Carolina with Cam Newton is more formidable than they have been in past years, but he is still inexperienced and needs more seasoning before he can take the Panthers to the next level, so I think you guys win that one. Now, Detroit is looking pretty strong this year, and will probably go pretty deep in the playoffs, so that's probably go
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