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  1. I have a feeling D Rob might be granted immediate eligibility IF he comes to UGA because he sat out all of last year (essentially). Godwin. Hardman. Ridley. Robertson. whoa.
  2. Harbaugh walked into a really, REALLY tough conference so he could be out of a job soon with the 8-4 records he’s put up. He needs a really good year and to beat Ohio St. or he could be on the hot seat. And then yeah, all bets are off for the Hinton brothers.
  3. Cook is flying into Athens this weekend to join the team after finishing his class work! BOOOOOOOOMMM!
  4. Anybody heard a timeline for D. Rob? seth Emerson at The Atheltic wrote an article that he could be eligible to play this year if: “This year, the NCAA changed policies to allow immediate eligibility if the following four criteria are met: Transfer is due to documented mitigating circumstances outside the student-athlete’s control and directly impacts the health, safety and well-being of student-athlete; At time of transfer, the student-athlete would have been athletically and academically eligible and in good standing on the team had he or she remained at the previous school; Student-athlete meets percentage-of-degree requirements at the new school; and The previous school’s athletics administration does not oppose the transfer.” I know he burned us on the first go-round, but I think it’s ridiculous to not want a guy this talented on your roster. And I absolutely do not think Haselwood, Blaylock, and a third receiver (Tongue?) would be scared off by him transferring in. Rusty thinks he may only play 1 year wherever he goes because he’s so talented. so yeah, sign him up and let him play in ‘18! can you imagine Godwin, Robertson, and Hardman as your three receiver set with Swift and Zeus splitting carries?
  5. I remember it being said that we parted ways, but it just seems weird since we need so many guys in this class and he’s in state and was already committed. Everybody is assuming we got T. Walker but we all assumed we’d get Derrick Brown too so I’ll count him when he commits. From the outside looking in, DL recruiting is a bit of a mystery right now. I’m not one to say fire Scott and he’s terrible and all that, but we legitimately need a very good to great DL class in this cycle or we’ll be in a world of hurt as early as next year, but definitely in 2 years.
  6. Sac do you know what happened between Georgia and Rashad Chaney?
  7. Yes he’s a QB. Either he provides depth and competition that won’t scare the elite QBs in the next two classes away, or he changes positions in two years when we have another five star QB signed and gives us another athlete on ST. i think this is the perfect QB to commit in this class.
  8. Sounds like DJ Daniel, top JUCO corner, could decide pretty quickly for the good guys. also, Jammie Robinson seems to have become a big time priority and is currently on campus for 7 on 7 and will be back later this month I believe also, ILB target Rian Davis is now a composite .964 on 247 after a Rivals ranking bump and seems to be deciding sooner than later for us we need C.J. Clark and Travon Walker to go ahead and commit so I’ll feel better about the DL.
  9. I know it’s not recruiting per se, but is there any news at all about summer workouts and/or class of 2018 kids? I know most of that class enrolled Friday (minus Walthour), but I’d love some updates on who reported in shape, who’s doing well in workouts so far, etc etc.
  10. Georgia offered in-state QB Zach Calzada and he’s pumped about it. Hope we can get him. also offered a CB from GMC yesterday. I wish these camps were open to the recruiting sites like they used to be. Without them it’s so dead during the summer in terms of news.
  11. There’s a long way to go until December. We’ve got his commitment and lots of time to let everything play out and keep him on board.
  12. Team Talent Composite feature on 247: when fall camp starts this will be updated with 2018 rosters, which should see UGA move up in points due to the class we just signed.
  13. According to the 247 state of Georgia rankings, UGA got 8 of the top 11 in state
  14. Seems to me that Rumph has mailed it in; he's got lots of talent but won't block and that's slightly important in our scheme. We're bringing in a lot of talent at that position next year so he's essentially just sitting on the sidelines until he graduates. JSW has played but is still getting back into playing shape and knocking the rust off from not playing in so long.
  15. Recovering from a hammy and trying to get up to speed in the playbook. Before Hutson made his comment about his head spinning with plays I thought he'd contribute a lot once healthy. He still may but the chances are lessened if he's less than up to speed in knowing the system.