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  1. Yes. FSU was trending with him per Rusty from 247.
  2. We don't have a weak schedule. At ND. At UTk. Away for UF. At Auburn. At GT. But the point remains that regardless of the schedule, we are as talented as every team on the schedule and should win 10 no questions asked. If we win, and it's a good team trotting out every week, Kirby will recruit insanely well.
  3. No I understand that the gifs are for Wynn, I'm referencing the comment about Fields not being uncommitted for much longer.
  4. Just a hunch on Fields or do you know stuff?
  5. Anybody else do a double take when that Frederica coach said 2 guys that would follow Fields to UGA would be Parsons (as in the #3 guy in the country) and Pappoe?!
  6. Sorry but what is the relationship between Thomas and Salyer? I haven't seen anything about those two and UGA other than people just don't see Pittman losing them, as opposed to them both dreaming of playing for the Dawgs. But they are absolute must get in-state guys.
  7. Good point. I've followed this stuff long enough to know we are more than likely to get strung along though. Maybe Kirby can deliver, but I'll believe it when I see it.
  8. Justin Fields decommits from PSU Several crystal ball picks already in for Florida (and one for UGA); with him having spent so much time around Cam recently, it wouldn't surprise me to see him at Auburn in spite of their commitment list already having a dual-threat 5-star QB. Basically, let's try not to get our hopes up.
  9. Seems to me that Rumph has mailed it in; he's got lots of talent but won't block and that's slightly important in our scheme. We're bringing in a lot of talent at that position next year so he's essentially just sitting on the sidelines until he graduates. JSW has played but is still getting back into playing shape and knocking the rust off from not playing in so long.
  10. Recovering from a hammy and trying to get up to speed in the playbook. Before Hutson made his comment about his head spinning with plays I thought he'd contribute a lot once healthy. He still may but the chances are lessened if he's less than up to speed in knowing the system.
  11. It's gotta be at least a little bit of a message being sent. And I'm more surprised that it's Kimbrough and not Reggie Carter.
  12. Those weights are dated. Per Gurley, he's dropped 5lbs and is now around 225. I wouldn't be surprised if Marshall is closer to 215 now. IMHO, he bulked up too much last season.
  13. Wait, who all is out for them?
  14. This. From comments by Dabo recently, sounds like he'll be a non-factor for our game, and potentially the season as a whole.
  15. Ball and Richt have actually been fairly complimentary of him since spring haven't they? Essentially echoing what you've said, which is a step or two better than previous comments from each. K. Marshall and S. Michel both dangerous rushing and receiving, love it.