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  1. Ransack what do you think since you mentioned that it’s about those two staffers?
  2. So should we as Dawg fans start to brace ourselves for an AJ Green / Todd Gurley like saga that’s drawn out, public, and massively disappointing? Just trying to get a feel for what all this means.
  3. I think Bama’s lack of depth and/or experienced depth finally gets them. They are way thinner than usual up the middle of the defense, in the interior DL and at ILB, so in that way (lacking quality, experienced depth) are similar to Florida but to a lesser degree. I think the fighting muschamp’s have a good year I think Florida falls off as the season goes on due to lack of depth. this is LSU’s year, as they return a mass amount of talent and depth, and add in a great recruiting class.
  4. Sounds like there are conflicting reports from sources on Burch. From reading this board I thought getting Burch was almost a sure thing but Clemson insiders feel really good about him as well. man I’d love to get Burch, Carter, and Dexter.
  5. If we get Burch and Gervin Dexter to go along with Jalen Carter, Tray Scott deserves massive credit. That’d be a stellar class.
  6. Any chatter on how recruiting changes in response to Cox leaving for this years class? Sounds like we need another 250lb+ guy like Jermaine Johnson, especially because he’s here two years max.
  7. Sac are you doing the college through CBS? They're trying to make me pay for my league.
  8. You guys taking a lot of guys in this class? Is this weekend a camp or has it just become a big weekend by chance?
  9. AJ should be a monster at ILB in the 4-3, even more so than he's already been.
  10. Vol are you guys recruiting Krenwick Sanders? I just saw you guys as a possible destination which I hadn't seen before; I thought he was FSU bound. General question: what kind of O and D are you guys going to be running this year? Thanks man.
  11. Vol you think Georgia legitimatey leads for Josh Malone or we fighting an uphill battle?
  12. wanted to let you know that Texas Dawg started a thread for dawg opinion and news. Thought it was a good idea

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