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  1. Ransack what do you think since you mentioned that it’s about those two staffers?
  2. So should we as Dawg fans start to brace ourselves for an AJ Green / Todd Gurley like saga that’s drawn out, public, and massively disappointing? Just trying to get a feel for what all this means.
  3. I think Bama’s lack of depth and/or experienced depth finally gets them. They are way thinner than usual up the middle of the defense, in the interior DL and at ILB, so in that way (lacking quality, experienced depth) are similar to Florida but to a lesser degree. I think the fighting muschamp’s have a good year I think Florida falls off as the season goes on due to lack of depth. this is LSU’s year, as they return a mass amount of talent and depth, and add in a great recruiting class.
  4. So what’s the scoop on the scrimmage?
  5. Who’s the freshman making a move according to Rusty? Nolan?
  6. If Cook has indeed put on some mass and is fully healthy, there’s no reason he doesn’t 10-12 carries a game. He’s a better version of Keith Marshall with his speed because he has great balance. My guess is that Cook gets more carries than expected early in the year with Herrien getting in next. As the season progresses and assuming Zeus stays healthy, I think Zeus takes even more of Herrien’s carries, especially late in games. herrien is a DGD, but I think he gets passed pretty quickly by the younger guys.
  7. I read it was a concussion. No idea if that’s accurate or not.
  8. I really want to see Walker carve out a role. He seems like the most uniquely talented guy in that room with his size, speed, and ability to rush the QB.
  9. Sounds like there are conflicting reports from sources on Burch. From reading this board I thought getting Burch was almost a sure thing but Clemson insiders feel really good about him as well. man I’d love to get Burch, Carter, and Dexter.
  10. Also, anybody else listened to the 247 podcast? They talked at length about Travon Walker. Sounds like he’s going to play early and often. Great news for the DL.
  11. It seems like conjecture to say Dean has passed Walker and Tindall. I watched the Smart presser on Saturday and he just said ‘the top three’ at ILB but didn’t say any names. Obviously we know two of three and I don’t think it’s a bad guess to think Dean is that third guy, but it could just as easily be Walker or Tindall. am I off base thinking this way?
  12. So what’s the word on the scrimmage today, besides what Kirby said publicly in his presser?
  13. I didn’t realize we (still) had 20. and I didn’t realize that we’d lapped the East that badly in recruiting. feels awesome
  14. If we get Burch and Gervin Dexter to go along with Jalen Carter, Tray Scott deserves massive credit. That’d be a stellar class.