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  1. Man that's awesome! Where were you last year!? You could be making tons as a D coordinator! (But then who would post garbage all day!?) Sorry, had to....
  2. PM me your address. I'm burning it now (first time archiving to DVD, but should go smoothly enough). I'll hook you up if it goes well.
  3. I made this for you. Small AF.com board version: http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/7097/small86punch.gif Large version: http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/1053/86punch.gif
  4. Hopefully you rock guys will enjoy the soundtrack. I used some suggestions from my last video. Watch it 720p for best experience. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlroPxumuLI
  5. Search is not working on the forums right now so I'm sorry if this was posted already. Awesome commercial with Smitty, Roddy, Matt, Arthur, and a few others from the team. (of course, 720P is the preferred viewing experience)
  6. I think (and hope) that the only reason we went with those short passes in that game was b/c of Troy Polamalu being on the field. I'll be proven right or wrong next week. And If I'm wrong, then we have no shot with that short pass garbage (I was at the game) and it was terrible to watch in person.
  7. Sorry, bub, but you've obviously never been out of Atlanta. Within the last 3 years, I've been to Minnesota, Carolina, and now Pittsburgh, and heck, I'll dare to say that Carolina's fan base makes me a little upset about my home team's. But hey, we got the Braves to compete against and UGA and GT. They have Matt Moore.
  8. That's all I was saying. EVERYONE here is wearing jerseys on FRIDAY. You just don't see that in Atlanta, any day. I know the guys (and gals) on the board show their support, but the entire steel city shows theirs. That's all. Just wishful thinking that Atlanta would get into the Falcons the way some cities get into their teams. They're all educated about football here and they love their home team.
  9. The girl and I are up here, too. We got in this morning and have been relaxing and taking in the city. We walked around downtown and took pictures of the river and the stadium and had some Primanti Brothers for lunch and just relaxed. We thought about Kennywood but decided against it. I'm an amusement park fanatic. Went there a while back last time I was here and it was awesome. Tomorrow we plan to hit the incline, more pictures/sightseeing and a bar for some college football. I completely agree that they wear their colors proudly here and I wish my ATLiens would show their support like that in Atlanta... Oh well, I guess the south will always be SEC-land and even then, people will not wear jerseys unless it's Saturday and they're at a game... We also contemplated the boat to the park but we found $10 parking right across the river so we may do that. We're worried that the boats will be too crowded on the way back and we will have to wait a while for it. Any Pittsburgh people have a take on this? I'll research it tomorrow, I guess. Cant' wait for this game on Sunday. You and the wife enjoy your time up here and mostly, GO FALCONS!
  10. Completely agree with you. Good conversations with people that aren't complete idiots. (And can't the Falcon fans just get along..) lol
  11. I stated in another thread, My girl and I are flying up from ATL Friday and were in section 110 (35-yard line) row 16. Keep a look out for us. I'm wearing the #88 throw-back and she's wearing the Matt Ryan jersey. Falcon's fans unite in P-burgh!
  12. Friday the GF and I fly up to Pittsburgh. Saturday we hang out around town and enjoy the weather. Sunday, I'm rocking the #88 throwback and she's wearing the Ryan jersey. Should be interesting, as it's my first game up there. Rooting for the birds and watching Gonzo get that 1000th catch. Go Falcons!
  13. Well that was fast (and he was too pricey). Let's just go grab another Marty Booker and be done with it.
  14. I hope I don't get roped in with all of the guys on the board that "want every big-name FA available" because I was completely against both V Jax (I posted against it) and TJ (too lazy to even chime in on that dumb move). But I would actually be OK with a pickup of Mark Clayton if the price is right (see: cheap). He would have to make it past the block and actually be dropped before he could be "cheap" and I'm not sure how much, but if we could get him at a decent price, I'm all for it. Let the "-1's" begin! lol
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