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  1. This is hilarious..Are you guys giving props to Antoine Dobson? Yeah, this cat is a fraud.
  2. It's such a privilege to be a father and have a son. It makes me sick to think that there are fathers out there that just dont want anything to do with their kids. I personally dont think its a race thing. I think its a man thing and a responsibility thing. If you cant be these things dont breed.
  3. Legal or illegal, I love me some herb...
  4. I was kinda referring to the nastiness of Mcdonalds chicken nuggets but, whatever works for ya.
  5. Jail nuggets are probably better that McDonalds anyways..
  6. Im thinking the "dont mind sharing the spot light" will be the issue.
  7. It's called Kiley-B vs Snooki. Check it out, its great.
  8. I thought this episode was hilarious..
  9. That kid looks like he get's down just like his pops.
  10. Sad enough keeping our kids from that kind of stuff on t.v. won't do a whole lot of good anymore. There's a pretty good chance one of their friends, somebody they know, or even the girl sitting next to them in homeroom class is pregnant.
  11. He could have been less obvious had he just gone ahead and licked her..
  12. It took me a few but, pretty cool.
  13. I cant help but find this hilarious. 500,000 illegal immigrants a year, we get thousands a day from their country. And, now they want to build a wall? Gotta love the irony.
  14. Haha..good call. Im definately gonna have to fix that. :wacko:
  15. I am by no means an expert myself, but I do love my tunes. And, I do to an extent understand what your friend was trying to say . I'm thinking when you "sell out" it's kinda like selling a product you dont believe in. This is not exactly an admirable trait for a rock group, one such as Metallica at that. I must admit the day I turned on MTV to see James Hetfield in his leather pants crawling around on stage like a cat while singing I felt a bit let down myself. And, I must say I am sure two of the first words that came to mind were indeed "sell out". I can almost understand why some groups
  16. Dont mess with those Pizza Hut thugs, they will pop a cap in ya..
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