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  1. This is hilarious..Are you guys giving props to Antoine Dobson? Yeah, this cat is a fraud.
  2. It's such a privilege to be a father and have a son. It makes me sick to think that there are fathers out there that just dont want anything to do with their kids. I personally dont think its a race thing. I think its a man thing and a responsibility thing. If you cant be these things dont breed.
  3. Legal or illegal, I love me some herb...
  4. I was kinda referring to the nastiness of Mcdonalds chicken nuggets but, whatever works for ya.
  5. Jail nuggets are probably better that McDonalds anyways..
  6. Im thinking the "dont mind sharing the spot light" will be the issue.
  7. It's called Kiley-B vs Snooki. Check it out, its great.
  8. I thought this episode was hilarious..
  9. That kid looks like he get's down just like his pops.
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