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  1. Dilfer is an idiot. However when it came to the Falcons he look like Einstein. We shouldn't be surprise. Atlanta didn't get the nickname Loserville by accident.
  2. I finally got around to catching a Georgia basketball game. It was pretty exciting there for a little while. Then that 2nd overtime it reminded me of why I don't take UGA Basketball seriously. Also why they are behind the Women Gymnastics team on UGA sports I care about.
  3. Dunta is a good CB. He had a solid year. Assuming there is a next season. I would expect a better year for him. He will know the system better. Hopefully we will go after Aso. We need a play maker in the Secondary. TD even mention that this defense need that Troy/Reed type of player to take the next step.
  4. Cheap way to get a karma boost. +1 Congrats Falcons
  5. This game is what the doctor order for us. So many stressful games this year. We finally get one to relax to. Congrats on the NFC South title Falcons.
  6. Anyone think UGA could lure Gary Patterson away from TCU?
  7. I don't see any reason for AJ to stay either. Murrary will still be a year away. If Richt and Coaching staff are back then he will never reach his potential.
  9. Just what the heck did Richt & his clown posse do these past 4 weeks?
  10. If Georgia loses this game they better turn in their SEC membership.
  11. Falcons had a chance to shut everyone up and they failed to do so. This is why no one is taking the Falcons seriously.
  12. Roddy better backup his talk this Monday. Usually anytime an Atl player talk junk they never back it up.
  13. I might be in he minority here. Regardless of the price. I wouldn't want Greinke on this team. I just get a bad feeling about adding players on terrible teams such as the Royals and Pirates. They never do well when the come to a team with high expectations.
  14. I never believe the NFL would have a lockout. You can never say never about these things. Just as the topic title said. Just taking what we heard in the news with owners and players digging in. Could a potential lockout impact underclassman that are eligible for the draft?
  15. That Brewers CF sound intriguing. I wonder if we could land him for someone like Beachy?
  16. Francis would be a good addition. Mets struck gold last year with RA.
  17. Preparing for a big return? Yeah and Nate is going to win the Triple Crown this year. Some may still hold out hope for this guy. I have given up on him completely. He is a lost cause. He destine to finish out his career with Royals or Pirates.
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