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  1. because atlanta has the worst coaches and cant adjust to anything
  2. muschamp is forcing pease to use a run heavy style and not letting him run he's style of offense.
  3. this is me for the game and rest of the season, just make it end
  4. it depends of the boosters, the fans want him gone but i havent heard anything with boosters. i didnt even want him here to begin with. after the first year i knew he doesnt belong in a big school like the florida's and the uga of college. fooley screwed up twice now, with the handling of meyer(yeah i know tebow, harvin, and the defense is the reason florida won 2 national titles) and zook. i actually miss zook, because he's offense could least score more than 14 points. if i had any say, muschamp would have been fired in mizzou. i would have told him to find he's way back to gainesville and hand him a movers card to help leave gainesville. my parents think that muschamp is gettin paid underneath the table run florida straight into the ground, i laugh but i did think about it because i never seen a team go from potential to nothing so quick. if i score a tix to the gsu game when they visit the swamp i will make a "Fire Suckchamp" sign and try to sneak into the game. likely hood right now is about 50-50 but if florida losses ill put it to 70-30. he may get a year because of 2012 "success"(thanks defense), which i would not even bother watching a floirda game till he is gone. watching the games this year im just blown away how predicable he is and the team lacking any motivation.
  5. cheapest ticket i bet will be around 70 bucks in the new stadium
  6. i think florida fans maybe worst. we knew that florida wasnt going to contend for the bcs title but had a fighting chance if we went 3-1 against lsu, usc and uga. after watching the toledo i knew the season was gonna be rough because florida couldnt throw the ball and barely could run. i knew once again that the defense was goin to have to win the games for us. now after the mizzou game and the defensive players going after each other and no coach in sight to stop the fighting or coaching them up, its clear to me the team just quit playing for florida and now are playing only for themselves. uga 34 - uf 10
  7. i predict by the 3rd quarter, i will have a zero *** given attitude towards the game or be plastered. though if my aunt calls me to rub it in my face i might go over the edge in calling her out since she only calls once a year and its for this.
  8. least uga doesnt have to play bama, Tennessee, lsu, Mizzou, and uga in a stretch. thank god there's a bye week after bama and mizzou
  9. i wanna forget the game, not die of alcohol poisoning. just from that i think 2 bottles of vodka or tequila might not be enough
  10. im batting a cool 80% on picks so far and i have falcons winning sunday.
  11. uga by 10. further adding fuel to the "fire muschamp" bandwagon. been on that wagon since he got there. florida will lose and i could honestly careless anymore, anything to get mushchamp out of florida im on bored with. if fsu is still undeafted, i would love florida to knock them off and prevent them for playing for the bcs title. i should make a drinking game for the game to make it somewhat fun. every turnover 1 shot, flag 1 shot, florida offense scores a TD 1 shot. you know something that we all can be out cold when the game finishes.
  12. ive been in so many arguments on facebook saying they were not going to change the rule mid season. it would be unfair to everyone that played their games to this point. they thought it was going to change since uga had a key ejection due to the rule.
  13. the only thing I learned from the trailer is dont invest in a helicarrier, they literally want to fall out of the sky
  14. it almost looks like he's whacking it and the ghost is smiling like a creep at it
  15. there's a ticking time bomb thats about to go off at the prison and its gonna be huge
  16. maybe this offense scores more than 20 points.......nah, they'll settle for 17.
  17. this is the win that UT needed to help bringing in bigger guys. 2015 might be an interesting year imo.
  18. Mizzou has lose 3 of the next games for anyone else to be SEC East champs, if my math is correct. florida and uga are all but out thanks to losing to mizzou. if mizzou wins next week, i think mizzou clinches the east. never saw that coming this year
  19. dear fsu, please use lube against us. Sincerely, Florida Gators
  20. im absolutely loving the season as a whole minus the florida crap fest. anyone can go down any given game, its bringing the "anything can happen" line back into play. no one is safe anymore, especially in the sec. OSU has dodge the bullet 2 straight weeks, will week 3 be the one to get them. who will in the top 10 will fall next. how far will some of these teams that lost today and how far will mizzou jump up.
  21. at the time i posted this mizzou had 20 something points. The team is imploding, players are fighting either other during the game and no coaches were to be seen trying to break it up from reports ive read. Other players broke up these fights, in the post game interviews i listen to the players are starting to blame each other and the coaches(not directly though). Its so bad that ive beginning to think Muschamp is taking in money under the table to ruin floirda, its that bad to me. Its so bad I would take Bobo play calling right now over this pos style they have. They are still built for speed so why in the blue *** are you not using that speed in your plays. I'm now only watching the rest of the season as a drinking game now, fsu is gonna beat us so bad that Law and Order SVU is gonna have an episode about it. I dont see how any Florida fan that can support Muschamp anymore i just freakin cant. I hope florida comes to the chik fi la bowl so I can buy tix and boo Muschamp and make a fire suckchamp sign
  22. Please never include the words "Florida and favorite to win" in the same sentence
  23. uga shouldnt even be worried about florida in 2 weeks, along as they can score more than 20 points
  24. UCF is like Troy from a few years ago. you cant take them lightly or this will happen
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