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  1. if he isnt fired by next week, he will never be fired
  2. foley has 2 choices. Fire muschamp or be fired. Boosters are going to stop supporting the program with muschamp there. the attendance will be like the vandy game last week all year long with the exception of the uga game for obvious reasons.
  3. he's been doing that the entire year, at some point he should have stfu and start taking blame for being the worst coach i have ever seen in my life
  4. been preaching this since the uga game. foley is a coward and wont do anything unless the president tells him to. back to the game, i was asleep throughout the game and woke up to patton getting he's helmet knocked. curse god for waking me to this game and the proceed to destroy a pizza
  5. if a women tells the police that a man sexually assault her, but recants that the whole story is a like. she should be tossed in jail for a long time and be required to pay the person she accused damages from lost jobs and etc.
  6. may have tanked at the right year to help out the in the trenches for next year. think clowney and easley(he's a 3-4 round pick).
  7. as much as i wanna drill his face with a cement block, the dude is a great coach and bigger dbag
  8. this, falcons ran the ball like 20 times through the game, gotta run the ball more. the falcons get away from this after getting success during drives. its get 3 yard, 3 yards, 2 yards, 3 yards and then pop a big one. koetter thinks, 2 yards, 3, yards, 7 yards, oh gees lets get away from the run now.
  9. winston isnt looking good anymore. with her saying the Tallahassee detective telling her to stop because this is a football town really sums up how bad it is down there.
  10. this, koetter and the strength and conditioning coach should be fired day after the last game. pat hill maybe
  11. i would wait another year or two and see if the program stumbles a bit. college coaches to the nfl is bigger gamble than a highly touted coordinator thats in the nfl. if the falcons dont want him, i wouldnt mind floirda taking a run at him
  12. think glennon from last year, but i think it really revolves around who declares and where the run on QBs happens. could be early as end of round 1 or late as the end of round 3, plus you got the senior bowl and combine. he shows out at those and i would say early round 2 maybe end of round 1
  13. ive heard a rumor that murray wants to have a black out for saturday
  14. i had a uga friend over at the house watching the game and he went crazy after the murray touch down. screaming touchdown murray while doing a celebratory lap around the living room. he stayed crouched during rest of the game and when auburn pulled off the miracle touchdown he fall on he back mumbling "why us" as i stood their in disbelief in what just happened. then we watched the florida game and did shots to celebrate our losses
  15. i had a thought on the toilet last night, what if cpj runs the triple option like auburn runs it
  16. and the jags will be taking a QB with their pick, i got the falcons in the 4th overall pick
  17. muschamp, cpj, grantham are the coaches on the hot seat with CPJ being the hottest one outside of muschamp but thats with hater glasses on
  18. the only question is will tampa bay take clowney, watkins, or take a QB with their pick. i like clowney and he can commands double teams and osi at times which leaves 1-1 for rest of the line
  19. i left the theater when superman flew that kryptonite rock into space after being stabbed with a kryptonite knife
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