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  1. smith was talking about alford doing it overtime when the falcons just need a FG to win the ball game. alford fumbles and bills recover the ball on that side of the 50 and the bills very likely would have scored a TD. falcons recovered the ball near the 50 and needed to get about 13 yards to attempt a fg for the win.
  2. muschamp has said he plans to switch to an up temp offense which means scrapping the slow style he has according to mark long. that might be he's smartest choice since getting to gainesvill and that style plays into driskel skill asset more than the current style
  3. over reaching. driskel is garbage, murphy is slightly better due to him not constantly turning it over. think 5-6 wins with that rough 7 game stretch.
  4. i foresee a 6 win season for the vols next year and possibly beating florida
  5. dont blame him, usc went 5-2 with him at the helm and beat a top 5 team at the time.
  6. uh, look at florida's Sat, Aug 30 Idaho Gainesville, FL TBA Sat, Sep 6 Eastern Michigan Gainesville, FL TBA Sat, Sep 13 Kentucky * Gainesville, FL TBA Sat, Sep 20 Alabama * Tuscaloosa, AL TBA Sat, Oct 4 Tennessee * Knoxville, TN TBA Sat, Oct 11 LSU * Gainesville, FL TBA Sat, Oct 18 Missouri * Gainesville, FL TBA Sat, Nov 1 Georgia * Jacksonville, FL TBA Sat, Nov 8 Vanderbilt * Nashville, TN TBA Sat, Nov 15 South Carolina * Gainesville, FL TBA Sat, Nov 22 Eastern Kentucky Gainesville, FL TBA Sat, Nov 29 Florida State Tallahassee, FL TBA
  7. he's gotta beat uga and get 7 wins in order to do so. even beating uga may not save he's job if its another 5 win season
  8. thats what i did this weekend, stored most of my gator gear expect for a few shirts and a hoodie for basketball and baseball season. went out and bought some shirts and a nautica jacket. since half my stuff is gator gear, lookin a little bearin in the clothing department. when a sale comes along ill pick a few more shirts. back to the program. muchamp will never succeed till he stops being anal and micro manager. stick to defense and let your offense coaching handle the offense.
  9. this and it will cost him his job. gainesville wants him gone and about 90% of gator fans want him gone
  10. even with a healthy team and a decent QB, 7 wins is what i see. now back to reality that is this bad news bears team, 4 wins is what is gonna happen
  11. 8 wins, thats laughable with this bunch of losers. 4--6 wins is what will happen, they players dont want them there any more and the fans been wanting him gone since vandy. he doesnt think he can be fired and been arrogant in the interviews this week and taunting fans to come down and fight him while he's behind a florida state patrol urinating his pants in fear that he might would. Florida plays Bama, LSU, Mizzou, UGA, USC in a 7 game stretch and those 2 other games are Vandy and Tennessee which Florida could easily lose next year with a bye week before LSU and UGA, it doesnt look good. Florida could easily go 0-7 in that stretch and again you finish the season against FSU and that'll be another lost. 5 win season is reasonable. Muschamp will be fired probably by Vandy, IF foley has the balls to do it. it will cost Foley his job with him pushing out the old ball coach and hiring zook and muschamp
  12. the twist is, he blows up uga and goes to Texas and succeeds. Takes out UGA and Florida
  13. 4 win season is my prediction, start out 3-0 before the wheels fall off. the university of florida president had a big part in hiring meyer
  14. and its gonna cost him his job to. money is gonna be way down next year. muschamp wants to control the offense of florida have this very stupid slow non scoring run heavy offense that struggles to score. he controlled pease and he is gonna control the next OC. suckchamp should stay at controlling the defense and worry about stopping from getting 400 yards rushing and score 30+ a game and let the OC worry about creating a strategy and gameplan to score points. then again im not "as smart" as suckchamp
  15. maybe muschamp can rekindle the fire again for georgia tech
  16. Rumors are saying Brent Pease and Tim Davis will be fired after the FSU, no OC will come to florida know muschamp will be fired next year. stupid move overall, fire muschamp and start the rebuilding process instead of letting the free fall continue and take even longer to rebuild.
  17. hershal was at the walking dead con early this month, still in full hair and beard. they were filming at the time and everyone who is still alive in the show had the hair growth that comes with the show. i think hershal survives and glenn dies and maggie follows a short time later
  18. foley better prepare to be searching for another job then. florida is gonna lose a crap ton of money from boosters as a result and no one will be going to the games
  19. if muschamp stays, i will not watch a single game till he is gone
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