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  1. till muschamp follows with his words of letting the OC control the offense, no OC will do good here. as far as the person, its far from sexy. duke offense wasnt flashy at all and looked just average. i think their avg is literally on the line for the top half of the teams in the nation. 170 some yards rushing and 240 passing. they didnt play any decent defenses besides VT and FSU and they scored 20 points between those 2 game. i really do believe its cutcliff getting the credit just like Peterson did at Boise. imo its just a guy they found that could maybe pad his resume for a bigger OC job if he turns the offense to somewhat decent while muschamp gets fired for another awful season and muschamp gets canned. i think Roper was at Kentucky while Joker Phillips was there, though im not 100% sure. all in all its a filler move that will all think will just be a rental till muschamp gets fired and florida searches for new HC and Kurt will have coaching experience at a major football school to help him landed a better gig
  2. lane is nothing but a giant headache, dont need that in gainesville with muschamp
  3. honestly i have no idea why he is still commited to florida when you have fsu now a yearly contender and miami with your teammates going on the up and up while florida is falling faster than a frozen turn falling from an airplane
  4. bigger question will muschamp still be there, if yes ill take Michigan right now by 17
  5. the problem with blank is that he wants to get too involved. let the gm and coaches due their thing. look at jerry jones and al davis the last few years.
  6. sounds like he's letting the young guys getting playing time to see if they are worth coming back.
  7. this, smith will never change and it will already cost the falcons some games. smith gets that 10 point lead and sits on it, instead of going for the jugular like some other coaches
  8. thats something I cant figure out why the falcons wont run the ball more. it wears out the defense and takes more time off the clock. they had success for a while at running the ball and then they stop running. run sjax 20 times and let smith get 10 touches to change the pace. instead of pass to set up the run, run to set up the pass
  9. dont need to draft a TE that early with all the problems in the trenches
  10. yeah i would bolt in a heartbeat for that offer if it was true
  11. a lot of people knew he doesnt change back when was the DC for Jax.
  12. Kiffin is not coming here, he pretty much ended any hop of that when he screwed Tennessee like Petrino did Arkansas
  13. I know FSU has creep into he's consideration but as of yesterday he's still a florida commit. the reason is purely florida's offensive struggles the past year, which can change any year given the right OC and recruits. LSU was suppose to visit today from what i read on the net. Sounds like Davis over again in some sense. Highly touted recruit goes diva and such for programs like Matt Elam. Helton is another guy Ive heard rumblings about for the OC, who ever it is Muschamp has already got his guy according to some, but wont announce till after the bowl games are over
  14. and auburn, they only sec teams to win a bcs championship since 2000.
  15. yeah, that sucked big time. i was looking forward to nighcrawler and then poof he is gone from the series.
  16. last check cook is still a gator commit. he signed financial aid papers with florida and fsu today.
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