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  1. 2010 Bama team wasnt that bad either. 2001 may be the best to some but that 2010 Bama is just right behind them
  2. who gives a flying richt whose ranked where in the post season poll
  3. if i had to choose between easley or powell with a 2cd or 3rd round pick i would go with easley.
  4. i dont get why powell is leaving early. i doubt he gets drafted in the first 2 days. he should have stayed another year
  5. driskel is in the wrong system to start with, he is a spread option QB that's not very good throwing the ball. tebow had good numbers because the threat of the fun so they usually bit on anything play action. not saying driskel would be good in spread option style, just him in a run heavy pro style is not a fit for him. once they get to their colleges the strength coach will get them on a regimen to get them bigger which means a ton of calories, protein and steak. when josh brock left for uga he was big boy but when he came back a semester later he cut some fat and gained a lot of muscle
  6. the word here in here is that beasley is going pro from a friend of the family
  7. least he didnt pull a driskel and stand their to get sacked. i want will to get red shirted and not waste an year on the bench
  8. could anyone tell me how grier looked today and if florida got anyone
  9. oh yeah, but im a greedy guy and want more. honestly i was ready for this season to be done after the lsu game
  10. would be a great hire, a true up and comer head coach that was going to be a head coach of a major program in a year or two if the texas deal falls threw. foley passed on him and looks what about to happen, florida is gonna have a couple of big openings next november.
  11. the last 2 years ive been standing on soap box that tech needs to fire CPJ and hire an up and coming coordinator or head coach from a small school thats done good there
  12. this, having speedy receivers dont mean anything if they cant get separation. ill take a guy that runs a 4.6 that can get separation over a speedy 4.4 receiver who cant get separation.
  13. they need receivers, havent had a real receiver since cooper left
  14. i dont see why tech fans where excited about him. terrible pocket awareness and accuracy when they did throw.
  15. thats great and all, but florida needs about every position on the offense.
  16. thats the last time roper will see 45+ points on he side of the scoreboard
  17. 2 more years of bustchamp and i might start wishing another team luck like UCF or some mid level school. and its official cook to FSU. what about lane, now since cook and lane are so close. if lane switches, muchamp enter the season dead man walking http://espn.go.com/c...state-seminoles
  18. honestly i prepared for another horrible year, so cook leaving will have zero affect on me. im in a drunken state of who gives a crap till muschamp is gone from gainesville. next month ill be in gainesville on business and itll be the first time in a long time that i wont visit the campus area
  19. koetter and hill should be gone, offense entirely one dimensional and the worst oline i have ever seen in the nfl
  20. i was sway on the notion that the falcons need clowney and not oline in the first, not anymore. first 2 picks should be a tackle or a guard and a DE in the 3rd or 4th depending on whose there. paid ryan big money and you have to protect your investment. Hawley and Konz are the only ones that probably will be back
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