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  1. in my mind you just gave me 100% reason that you know thing about football and just a troll
  2. go to cnet, they have a lot of info. for dslr cannon and nikon are the best bet, for nikon i have tried out the D3000 in real life, but the D5000 is better. Havent tried out a cannon in real life, but looked at it a the stores and their entry level dslr are good. heres some of cnets favorite entry level dslr. dont buy Panasonic though, i have one and get decent shots, but compared to basic dsrl the dslr wins hands down. more info for cameras. Also have involved does she want to get involve in photography? google and see if theres any photography classes nearby
  3. dont get that, get at least a core duo and watch out for some of the new i cores. not to long ago there was a core I5 for 500 at office depot
  4. i'm going to daytona beach for vacation, it will be a while till the oil gets over there
  5. for 100 bucks you want be really getting a good camera. if she is in photography a dslr is route to go, but they're expensive. $100 will get you a standard compact point and shoot camera
  6. try mifi from verizon or any other type of those devices
  7. along as yunnel is gone, done with the backstreet boy wannabe
  8. TATB move to different area like ABF
  9. and she goes to my school that makes me her boyfriend, stalker alert?
  10. we took the series from the tigers and took most of the series from the all including a sweep or two. just from playing the AL this year we have a good team and we took 2 of 3 from this good tigers ball club. something is wrong with hanson though. just win series and we'll be in the playoffs. also its time for strasburg for a real welcome to the big leagues tomorrow.
  11. when i was at the game friday night heyward didnt look comfortable at the plate all night
  12. went to the game friday and had a blast, was on tv a few times.
  13. heyward needs to sit a game or two he looks tired out there.
  14. are you talking about the field level tix where your on the field
  15. steele makes some good write ups, but this is just plain dumb on his part. We will miss Tebow a lot, but not as much as some people make out. This new offense will be pass oriented and (gasp) will have some traditional formations. I like Florida goin 10-2 and contending for the sec title.
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