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  1. yeah a change of location for him is whats best for him, somewhere out of state
  2. for that alone he shouldnt see the court for a while. shot is clearly going to be short, just box him out and move on to OT
  3. i almost went to fsu for their athletic training program before.
  4. that pisses me off to no end, after every game the players should sing the alma mater no matter the outcome of the game. screw every single player and coach on the team
  5. in the time it took to read that, driskel threw 3 more pick 6s and fumbled 4 times including dropping the Gatorade bottle and headset
  6. dont blame him nor do i blame any offense recruit that doesnt wanna come here while suckchamp is here
  7. we will be Tennessee by the end of the year and UT will surprise a few teams next
  8. just doing a top 3 in each division East 1. Georgia 10-2 losses to Tennessee and USC...though 11-1 is more likely 2. USC 9-3 losses to TAMU, Auburn, Florida 3. Tennessee 8-4 losses to Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Alabama, Mizzou West 1. Alabama 12-0 2. Ole Miss 10-2 losses to Alabama and LSU 3. LSU 9-3 losses to Alabama, Auburn, Florida
  9. hope this isnt a bad omen for the season, last year you could tell the team didnt want to play for muschamp. a scuffle isnt unheard of but a full blown fight is pretty telling to me right now
  10. this, feeling is sub 8 win season, suckchamp is gone, but last year i said a sub .500 season and losschamp would be gone so who in the heck knows anymore. just want foley and that idiot gone from florida. here's to the falcons season and my liver hating me for another season
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