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  1. dont blame him nor do i blame any offense recruit that doesnt wanna come here while suckchamp is here
  2. hope this isnt a bad omen for the season, last year you could tell the team didnt want to play for muschamp. a scuffle isnt unheard of but a full blown fight is pretty telling to me right now
  3. this, feeling is sub 8 win season, suckchamp is gone, but last year i said a sub .500 season and losschamp would be gone so who in the heck knows anymore. just want foley and that idiot gone from florida. here's to the falcons season and my liver hating me for another season
  4. i decided last minute to watch TWS at 5pm tuesday and glad i did. AOS just had its best episode of the season and it would be a shame if it got canceled. they laid some groundwork and like someone else said they are now diving into the universe
  5. im gonna try and go this year also with some friends if i can get off work
  6. seen lots of "sports networks" listing at CB for the gators. i know CB might be a little thin but that would put all the eggs in the grier basket
  7. not surprised by riggs leaving, he isnt good. glad that he is gonna graduate before leaving. driskel is schedule to participate in spring practice but its unknown how much he will do. florida finished with the 6th overall class according to espn and 7th in rivals. i like this class hopefully grier or harris can finally be a qb that florida can rely on. i really excited to see what stephens and worton can do for the gators along with grier. will they redshirt harris and use a 2 qb system in 2015 assuming the staff stays. some are saying the harris signing could open the doors to the tri coun
  8. harris commits to florida, florida had a good final month of recruiting.
  9. i think harris will choose auburn over florida IF he changes his mind about florida state
  10. matt jones is out for the spring to do another surgery on his meniscus and debose is non contact. muschamp said they will be in the shotgun and hurry up.
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