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  1. Drew Brees would never under throw.. He always throw perfectly... What a #*($&(*#&$
  2. I trust TD.. If he thinks we don't need a LT than we don't need a LT.. There must be something we don't know...
  3. He probably didn't want Matts security blanket to retire after the season..
  4. Hillis has good passing game.. i still wont trade though...
  5. 80's.. I don't like HD doing for us ether though.. I think spoon could do it better like Ray Lewis. IMO
  6. Bosher is another season away from becoming a superstar.. best tackling punter in NFL..
  7. Titans have very good stats against NFC but I think Falcons haven't lost 2 straight at the dome for pretty long time..
  8. So what should we do Mr. 3 and out.. What QB should we trade for next year?? Should we some how bring Andruw Luck?? What would make you happy?? Seriously?? What do you want more than just winning?? You would want Cam Newton Stats and loose all the time?? You want Favre some how?? His not playing well but our team is playing well as a team..
  9. Good Read.. Corey Peters is finally getting attention..
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