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  1. We've all been there. To think being an NFL player is any different is asinine. End of the day it's a pig's skin stitched together with air inside being tossed around a field for numbers on a screen. If something real is happening with him, his friends, or his family - I think the game can take a backseat for a week or two.
  2. Some people still struggle to view players as human beings eh.
  3. Think it’s just saying Smith treats personal matters/mental health the same as a normal injury. The fact he made a distinction between an injury and whatever “this” is, leads me to believe it’s something truly personal and we should all give Rid his space.
  4. Didn't he have some Hard Knocks moment go viral for us?
  5. I have a feeling we're bringing in another RB either through FA or trade. Feel like that was the plan for TF all along as he know before the draft he'd be trading Julio and getting some money to play with later, so he kicked the RB can down the road but will follow through on getting someone else.
  6. Agreed. I'd definitely push hard to try and get Damien Harris out of them instead. Not likely but I wouldn't bother with Michel.
  7. He's not good. Bad knees and lacks much wiggle at all. Davis would still be our starter and Michel only a supporting rotational piece when Davis needs a breather.
  8. I think Brandon Aiyuk is one of the NFL's next best WRs. I'd give them Julio AND our own 2nd for him. Not kidding. Doubt they would still.
  9. Walker needs to be higher, aside from that this is a good list, nice job.
  10. If we can pull one of Woods or Kupp and a pick from the Rams, I’d be ecstatic. Those guys can *play*.
  11. You ain’t with us, you’re against us. **** a Julio. (for now - come retirement I’ll come back around and remember the good times)
  12. I'd love to find a team that can give us a young (or cheap) player back in addition to a pick. I'd do any of the following: Pats: Damien Harris and a 2nd or 3rd Jags: Laviska Shenault and a 2nd or 3rd Niners: Raheem Mostert and a 2nd or 3rd (can't remember what picks they even have left though...) Colts: Michael Pittman and a 2nd or 3rd Packers: Jordan Love or AJ Dillion and a 2nd or 3rd Titans don't interest me, at least on what we can steal back on the offensive side. I'll admit I'm not well versed on their defence if there's a player of use there we could get back.
  13. Exactly who I thought of. Highest-ceiling comparable would be Aaron Jones, but a Lindsay type is far more likely.
  14. That ain't enough for me to do it. That 3rd has to be a 2nd for me to consider.
  15. I count ten teams there that could consider a QB in 2022 depending how next year goes. Not that I fully disagree with the OG post but there will always be QB needy teams every offseason.
  16. Duke Riley was kinda disappointing. We were just riding the high of stealing a stud of an LSU LB in the second round with Deion Jones and it felt like we might be doin the same again and the chemistry was gonna pop off. Never happened. Guy stinked.
  17. He wasn't great, but he's not as bad as people make him out to be. If he interviews well, and in said interviews acknowledges his shortcomings and his plan to resolve them, then a team could make a good choice hiring him. I think we're all a little spoiled oddly.
  18. Watson has a NTC. Only way this works is if he gets super choosy with the list of teams he'd be willing to go to. Then Houston would choose to eat the cap ramifications of trading for Ryan in order to receive a gluttony of picks from us. So it's possible, only if Watson pretty much only wants to come with us and pretty much only if we give up a whole lot of picks back. Sooooo probably not happening.
  19. Had a tonne as a kid, but if we're going off my current closet... Ray Buchanan black Chris Chandler black Brent Grimes black (signed) Warrick Dunn red Matt Ryan red Calvin Ridley red Calvin Ridley 2020 black Matt Ryan 2020 white
  20. I'm 5'9/170ish. Fits pretty well perfectly - bit of breathing room but not overly baggy. Could probably get away with a medium if I preferred it snug and wasn''t quite as doughy of a guy hahaha
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