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  1. "I don't care what ya'll say, if he's down 7 points, I'm gonna put my money on Drew Brees to march down the field."
  2. I ordered an XL Ryan the day they came out - supposed to come in July. My dumb*** used lockdown to get in better shape, so now I'm a Large and changed my order, meaning I need to wait until October. Shoulda just kept eatin' Cheetos tbh
  3. Julio at the 48 second mark. Doesn't look like this is real gameplay tbh - and why do the helmets look so shiny?
  4. I honestly feel like my elite present-day pocket presence in Madden is a result of me doing that flying tennis ball pocket drill on PS2.
  5. Tyreek is my favorite receiver in the NFL (off-field stuff aside). Been on my fantasy team every year since his breakout. I can vouch for what you're saying. Get him on a go or a slant and it's absolutely over. And we can all but guarantee he'll be an X-Factor in 21 out of the gates, so it will be easier stupider lol.
  6. X-Factors turn it into an arcade game. I drafted a WR who ended up having a "Corner Specialist" and "Double Me" trait. This meant, if I run a corner route he'd either get completely open and take it to the house, or he'd be covered but I'd throw it up anyway and he'd come down with it. Average around 220 yards with him per game.
  7. Oh, totally. Biggest problems in Madden 20 were that running backs and pass rushers were overpowered. What do they do for 21? Make them even better...
  8. Deion Jones around the 25s mark in the all-whites:
  9. Still not sure if I like the look of the uniforms, but I like the look of 21's knees here...
  10. One of the lucky ones still employed through COVID. Being isolated has made me more frugal with my money and health - about to finally pay off my VISA debt with my next paycheque that has lingered for years. 🤷‍♂️
  11. I've had the exact same emotional journey with this team. Still care and still obsessed, but I don't let myself get angry or surprised anymore.
  12. I'm also a diehard Blackhawks fan in hockey and have been lucky enough to see three championships. Lemme tell you something about winning a chip... The truth is, the subsequent years after you win, you are content. The games feel less important & the loses hurt less - it's just human nature once you've reached the top of the mountain. But, let me tell you... Now that it's been five years since their last one and everyone is writing them off and calling them "has-beens" the fire may burn more than it ever did for me. Valley, meet peak. Once you've tasted the best steak in the world, you may be happy and full for a bit, but that craving hits hard later because you were lucky enough to actually know how good it tastes.
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