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  1. Saints season ticket holder and holding 4 Falcons/Saints tickets in hand. You need me to take a picture?
  2. Why would I be mad about the Olympics? Sugar bowl > chi fil a bowl
  3. No different from you fools always putting down the City of New Orleans. Get the Fuk out of here with that weak crap!
  4. You are always downing New Orleans. Don't try and twist the thread.
  5. Ask the Giants & New England how many fluke plays we had when we spanked their ***! Defeating four future hall of famers is a pretty good year.
  6. Yeah, that bombing really put you guys on the map.
  7. You guys always bragging about how no one can beat you in your house. Why would you even think you would be an underdog?
  8. Love being an event city. I didn't know the Super Bowl was a ridiculous party. I thought that was the goal? So, what does the city of Atlanta hang their hat on?
  9. I don't know, the Super Bowl likes coming to New Orleans. Sugar Bowl & BCS Champ game > Chick-fil-A Bowl
  10. 10-3 and very proud of the Saints. Denial? We just beat the bengals in cold weather. Let me guess, they don't count.
  11. The missed FG is the only thing that matters. No one but falcon fans care what happen before. The media will always bring it up and they should because everyone knows that game was ours. The facons have a young QB and a up and coming team. The facons & Saints have had lucky breaks this year. It takes good football and some luck to win it all. You want people to give you respect? Go and win it all and you will get some. Trust me the Saints wan to beat you, but they are looking at the bigger picture. Maybe one day you will have that feeling but I doubt it.
  12. You have nothing to say, so you pull your grammer police card.
  13. When, the playoffs start, we will see who cares about those games.
  14. Whatever, we put the bucs away with no problem. However, you stuggled twice to put them away.
  15. A win is a win! You know, how you struggled to beat the bucs?
  16. Yeah shattyice, I would call it more ******** than stupid. Keep on dreaming!
  17. Have a chance to beat you? They punked slapped you this year with a backup QB and have owned you over the years in every way. Look it up; you better hope you don't have to play philly. You fit right in with this ******** thread.
  18. Why? Because you had a winning season. You people set yourself up for fail! I love it.
  19. falcon fan starts lame thread about the Saints. Another falcon fan complains because a Saints fan joins thread.
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