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  1. Normally I refrain, but I can't let this pass. Ryan is playing beneath Brees this season. I can understand the confusion b/c all the empty seats at each ATL game show that ya'll aren't watching. Ya'll are feeling giddyabout squeaking out a 20-23 win against the lowly Giants (Saints beat Giants 33-18) and thinking a playoff run is imminent, so let's look at the numbers. 2018 records: Ryan 3-4; Brees 5-1. 2018 passer rating: Ryan 114; Brees 121 2018 completion percent: Ryan 71%; Brees 77%. 72% is the record, set by Brees. 2018 interceptions: Ryan 2; Brees 0 If you have to pick between these two for the 2018 season, it's Brees hands down. I see all the excuses (if they had our O-line & it's the system) but that's your coach's fault. And don't forget (how could you): Superbowls: Ryan = 28-3; Brees = Superbowl MVP