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  1. I hope so too. Matt has a strong enough arm to make all the NFL throws. His arm strength is not a problem to me. But he does not have that Jay Cutler/Matt Stafford arm so when he rolls out we arm limiting our down the field opportunities. I would rather have him do a 5 step off the play fake and allow him to let it fly. Either that or continue our 3WR 1TE 1RB sets because he seems to excel in those
  2. Usually on our PA attempts they are either A) one of those where Matt acts like its a draw but not really a "fake" in every sense of the word or we give a fake and roll out. On the TD, Matt gave the fake, stood firm in the pocket and delivered a perfect shot down field. Look, Matt Ryan may not be at the level of Peyton Manning or a top 5 Qb for that matter but he doesnt need plays where he has to cut off half the field. Those roll outs hinder him more than they help him. He is not MV or VY because he is not going to kill teams for overpursuing on the PA. Our running game is too good to have h
  3. I hate hearing things like, "Matt relies on his running game" wtf?? Are we watching the same thing?? That game manager label is throwed around too frequently for me. He gets it done on 3rd down and is learning you dont have to get it all on one play. He is not Brees, Manning, or Brady but he is carving out his own niche in this league. I dont think we should get to big for our britches and say to **** with the run game, but we are a more than capable passing team
  4. Our team has gone in to two of the three most hostile enviornments this season already (Philly being the other and we are going there in a few weeks). Our QB (and our team) has not flinched or batted an eye. I remember Brian Billick talking about how loud it was in the dome yesterday and how it was probably the loudest stadium in the NFL. Matthew Thomas Ryan showed me something yesterday. He showed me the stage is not too big for him and he is the "leader" we drafted. There were a few times yesterday where he was really getting after guys and showing that emotion we have only seen glimp
  5. Couldnt have said it better myself. Football is unlike any other sport because your lasting as a fan stays with you for a whole week unlike baseball, basketball, or hockey for that matter. We have got to stop doing this (knee jerk reactions). We have to remember this is a marathon, not a sprint
  6. Sounds like he is ahead of the 8 ball to me. It seems like Matt is becoming a victim of a standard he created. Conventional wisdom says his first year was this good so his second year should be better (numbers wise at least) and it wasnt, but that does not mean he regressed nor does it mean he had a bad year. I would just like for us (the fans) to give the kid a legitimate chance at success before determining what type of QB we think he is
  7. I hate to come to this conclusion, but after coming on this board i have realized something: THERE ARE A LOT OF FALCON FANS THAT WANT MATT RYAN TO FAIL. I really dont want to believe that but its true. I truly believe Matt is going to have success in this league and has already been successful considering how young he is. But for those holding him to the standard of being the best QB in the league already need to really consider how far we have come to where we are now. This sunday he will be making his 31st career start for our team. He is by no stretch a finished product. I think Ma
  8. There is a difference between discussion/debating and flat out bashing. That's what most who are pro TJ are doing. He is more proven than Jenkins, but we didnt get him so there is no point in crying over it
  9. I think the point is we are going in the right direction. No doubt about it, TJ has proven himself to be a good WR in this league. But we have a plan in place with how we want to build our team and we are just not going to jump for joy and sign every player that comes us just because he has proven more than someone on our roster. For example, what was our biggest need this off season? Upgrading the DE position to improve the pass rush. What did we do to improve that? Nothing. Why? Because we have players we believe in like Kroy Biermann and Lawrence Sidbury. We dont know how that will end up b
  10. He's in now. Down 9 with less than 3 minutes to go
  11. If you have SportSouth, they are now airing Matt Ryan's first comeback victory at BC against Wake Forest in 2005. Tune in, he replaces the starting QB somewhere in the third quarter. Hurry up and turn to it if you can. GO FALCONS
  12. Sounds like my kind of QB. Almost just doesn't count in this game. I like that he is taking the approach of WE HAVE TO DO IT instead of saying we want to do it. He has a firm sense of accountability. He knows he has to be better and i think he will be
  13. While i love Ryan, some of the honus falls on him to spread the ball more. Like someone else stated, i just dont think he was used to Marty Booker even throughout the season. He and HD had something going in the middle of the year in 08 because of his ability to find holes in the defense from the slot which is totally different from lining up outside the numbers. One thing that was encouraging (that no one made mention of) was the two checkdown throws to Turner in the NE game. While it may seem small, those plays go a long way, especially when we have a QB who excels in the short/intermediate
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