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  1. I have no idea when I'll be back on a computer. I got class and then interviews to do for a story, but I'll get on tonight and answer what I can.

  2. KJ, Know you are likely swamped at School. But I will let you know that we will run tomorrow. This will be your post and some of readers would likely want to answer questions from you. If you get a chance, sign in with Livefyre on LHB so you may respond to what you are asked. The Posters on there love their recruiting, so likely some questions for you.

  3. KJ, do you mind if we reprint on Leather Helmet blog?

  4. you see this:

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    @phr34k Two good sources say the backfield depth chart may take a hit. Well actually they say it already has but we need more confirmation.

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    Possible big news coming in regards to the Georg...