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  1. Yep, great kid and just an outstanding football player, with a real love for the game. He can definitely be an impact player at corner or anywhere on special teams. Very electric with the ball as well.
  2. I sure would like to see some new film on Street from his Junior season, if anyone has any feel free to share...
  3. He isn't 260, more like 245... but regardless, he could play OLB at 260-265 and be just fine. He's a physical, smart player that can most definitely do some damage off the edge as a stand up rusher.
  4. I like BAW a lot.. great kid, great motor, with a knack for making plays. I also think he can play a number of positions along UGA's 4 man LB front. However, if I'm Georgia... priorities have to be Lorenzo Carter, Raekwon McMillan, Juwon Young, Dante Sawyer, K. Rogers and Kentavius Street. Andrew Williams and BAW are outstanding players that both project well to the 3-4 but UGA is in the mix for some very talented LB's w/ star potential. One guy in particular that I think is being overlooked is Dante Sawyer -- young Jarvis Jones in every sense.
  5. Tough loss last night for my Pius boys. But we're very young, we'll be back...
  6. I feel if we offer Jones, we get him -- no matter how late.I don't think we'll give up on Langley and we shouldn't IMO... He's given us genuine interest and he's a caliber of player that you don't just stop recruiting.
  7. You can bet we will be focused on their passing attack. Should be fun to see how we mix up our coverages and blitz packages against them.
  8. It's not a grade issue. People need to stop assuming things. Both parties are at fault here. It's not that we don't want Kelsey, so people need to stop saying that.
  9. I agree, I don't get why everyone is saying his future is on defense. Kid can run the ball and he could be a **** of a pass protector as well. He's never played defense and he never will. If the school he attends suggests that, I think you'd see him transfer IMO...
  10. I still have a suspicion that there will be a player making the trip... BTW, let's not throw this on Richt. He's sticking true to his guns for the most part. If he lets them play, then what does that tell the rest of the team? Smoke weed and you can slide by without missing a big one... Idiots think Richt has no control right now of his team (which is very wrong) but if he did that, imagine the lack of control then... and it would be warranted at that point. I wish 9 and 18 would play but they brought it on themselves. FWIW, the suspensions were reduced but when these kids break the rules not
  11. I don't think Adams is close to making a decision fwiw.
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