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  1. I really feel sorry for you. Your life is awesome because your an E-Thug on message boards. Your a giant duche, get a focking life.
  2. Sorry, I couldnt decide which one to use. I want to see what this guy will be posting this time next year...
  3. I voted yes because its more real football. The season length has been increased before and the players adapted. In life if you can't adapt, you will loose/fail/die/suck. Yes it is to make money. The NFL is a business, the point of a business is to make money. They deliver more of a product I love, Im OK with spending more money. Just my $.02
  4. Hello timmy. We are all friends and no one here over-reacts. Its a fun place!
  5. with all the injuries its easy to hate on norwood, but watching those gets me hyped to see him play again. I forgot just how good he is. Thanks
  6. So, are we still having games this season or what? Whos going to be in charge of telling Mr Blank? Do you think he will still want them to play or just wait for next year?
  7. I was fu**ing kidding. I dont give a flying **** about cussing, I think the whole situation was funny.
  8. Agreed. I move to officailly rename them the Taints. Anyone else in on this? And +1 to you sir
  9. Tony Dungey who is apprently the king of the NFL doesnt like him this week because he cusses on tv. I dont know about you, but when Dungey says jump, I jump.
  10. You are so right! And like I said in my last thread, its time for da future! JPW is da future. We could probably let those guys keep their jobs for now and chane the QB. We will win 5 superbowls in one year!
  11. Do you really want another cry baby player? We already had D Hall. Haynesworth has made his bed, no he can lay in it. I dont want any part of him.
  12. You mean the one that he didnt even know the ball was thrown untill he saw the touchdown dance? That was ******. Sorry for going a little off topic, but ive never played before and was wondering, how do you tell zone from man?
  13. JPW is so awesome in the preseason. He should probably replace Ryan. Either that or..... Bring home MV7 TD!!! J/K
  14. Yeah as a DE i cannot get a sack. I have gotten quite a few sacks as DT though. Also the announcer calls Koenen "Kotch" every game. Is it jsut me or is our defence much better now? Im getting much better pass coverage. Block on runs is better too.
  15. Your post had 2 good things about it 1) it was funny
  16. Just a fan bud. I really cant stand 790 and I was just wondering if anyone knew????
  17. That sure would be nice because 790 and dave FM suck ***! But im guessing that chuck and chernoff will be afternoon drive. Matt is thowing out some pretty big hints. Oh well, you can always hope someone new will be the Falcons station...
  18. Have the training camp dates been announced yet? I really enjoy seeing the guys practice in person.
  19. I am definately ready for this season! Forgive my ignorance though, but what is roam the dome?
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