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  1. Id like to see Norwood and of course snelling. I just hope no one gets injured so we can go into week one doing work on Pitt.
  2. No, The GA Force is coming back. But from what I hear Blank has nothing to do with it. It is acctually just another team moving from god knows where to GA. Its not acctually a new team.
  3. OK get ready for what Im about to say, it might make waves: My avatar is a joke. It has nothing to do with me personally. I am a classy and wonderfull person (not to mention good looking). The picture is a joke for a forum that I frequent. Im sure it wont end up on my perminant record. Thanks for your caring!
  4. Pure class, best in the NFL. /thread
  5. I was thanking you for a good post. Out of context was the OP.
  6. WRONG They decide who will go to the playoffs. Also the best record in PS gets a 7 point lead in the superbowl. Get it your facts straight.
  7. I cant belive someone here would take things out of context. Thanks
  8. Probably, either way he still could be what we need to get us over the hump. I hope he is.
  9. Its always about money at some point for these guys. It is for me. I can go alot of places to work, but I take the most money I can get. In this case I think he was implying that $ wasnt the biggest thing here. He was saying he wanted to come here because he thinks we are getting good enough to win a superbowl. I dont know just my opinion. Back on topic, I think this swagger and attiude is going to help. I really have a good feeling about this team. And Im finnaly acctually looking forward to watching us on D insted of closing my eyes on 3rd downs...
  10. Could be like the fat kid in the saints video "emhuuuuuuuuuu" I dont know where the picture is, but its awesome. Matts cool though, hes smart and doesent say "naw mean" after everything. YAY for us!
  11. LOL you guys are awesome. This is what I like to see. We have brought some life to the board for the time being.
  12. HAHA well you know, I guess I could post some pic with bobbies bouncing or a half naked woman, but not the grown up word for poo poo? OK You know its funny, but if everyone is going to cry, Ill change it. Maybe. Or get banned. Havent decided yet.
  13. Thats a good one, Ill save that! Thanks my friend, you are so sweet ;-)
  14. I made a new avitar! YAY! Feel free to distribute! Maybe the power of the picture will guide us through the season.... fixed
  15. I knew it came from here, I didnt know how made it. I though it was awesome, Ill take it off if you want. I never said I made it....
  16. HE'S DA FUTURE!!!!!!! Seriously though, who didn't see this coming????
  17. Its not even my computer, every **** computer and internet connection I use does it. Why even waste your time filming the sh1t if your going to distribute it this way????
  18. OK so we all know new website sucks. But the videos piss me off more than anything. You can only see the first word of the title for every video and you cant watch 30 seconds without buffering. Post the **** videos to you tube and it might acctually make it enjoyable. PLEASE FIX THIS GARBAGE /rant
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