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  1. I see what you did there. Clever ;-)
  2. I just wanted to start a thread that all DB's can post on anytime a big name gets traded. No, we dont want Moss, we dont want Lynch. Madden is not real life. We sign big names we need or people that arent problems. TG and Dunta ring a bell. We dont need 5 no1 WRs. So insted of cluttering up the boards with your idiotic posts, post here so you will feel better. Ill go first. We should really trade for LT because Turner is gay and Snelling sucks. TD bring home LT. Thanks
  3. Personally when I fix a car I throw down my wrech and tell the car its my bi*ch. Seriously though, Im all for taunting and celebration, its the american way! ;-)
  4. Im a little worried about that game, but look at phillys schedual. They have all cupcake teams untill us. MV7 may look good now, but we are no detroit or jax. It should be a good game
  5. And I love it. As much as some of you think its cool to say start Snells over Turner what we are doing is working. Turner is our workhorse. He is better. Snelling is a **** good backup and could be a starter on 15 teams. But we have 2 bruisers that can beat up teams every down. They are both fresh because they rotate out. Thats why we had such a good drive in OT to win the game. They were tired and we were fresh. Just like they say our starters on D dont matter because they rotate, we may see that here as well. I like what I see and dont want them to change a thing.
  6. I know that, but there is an Anthony Gonzalas in the NFL and he has always gone by Tony. Its not hard.
  7. Last week Jason Snelling was virtually unknown, even to the falcons staff. This week Anthony Gonzalas and Sam Weatherspoon were playing a great game. Do some GD homework *** clown. Its funny cause I like him on the NFLN but Id like someone else to do our games
  8. I think the "lol" signifies he was joking. I found it somewhat funny
  9. The title of the most miserable fans might soon be stripped from the Eagles. Atlanta is threating to steal it. I cant take all the negative BS cut every player that had a bad week threads. Trolls and negative nellys please go away.
  10. In preseason everyone was like "hes got his explosiveness back" now were cutting him from the roster. you guys are fu*king rediculous.
  11. http://www.igglephans.com/ That is a link you may find usefull. It takes you to an Eagles forum. Mike "Dog Bone" Vick plays on the Eagles now. Take your idiotic posts to that forum. Good day sir.
  12. In the fisrt play of the game and it was all his fault for hanging on to the ball too long. But matt ryan sucks. lolz
  13. too bad, i really did like him. I hope he does well, I just hope they dont let him play against us in the NFC Championship game....
  14. SHUT UP ABOUT THIRD STRING QB ALREADY!!! Dixon didnt do that much, our d held the, pretty well. They ran the ball when they needed to and our secondary left ward open in several key points of the game. Jamarcus Russel could hit him that wide open. Turner wasnt slow, he just wasnt getting any blocks. He looked good in preseason, but not many people can run agains the steelers. CJ2K got like 57 yards agains them. If your going to cry about loosing to the steelers you need to get a GD life.
  15. Last week we were a super bowl team by most accounts, now we are the scrubs. You guys make me crazy. I'm not sure I can deal with all of this up and down bandwagon sh*t. We had a rough game, our next one is still sunday. Its ok. Stop crying.
  16. most people use real computers so i say no. BUT most GOOD forums have a mobile theme. When it sees you are from a phone it displays differently without changing it for everyone else. We really need that too, but oh well.
  17. -1 for asking for a +1 why did everyone cry when my avitar said a grown up word for poo but you have a grown up work for lady parts and no one says anything? It is a pretty good avitar though
  18. So is this thread over now? I mean he did say its not happening. I think we should just stop talking about it then.....
  19. Wait a second............ When did that rule change? We are supposed to watch the games now? I must have not gotten that in the TPS Report.
  20. I was thinking the same thing. I think its the name/hair combo.
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